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Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith | Stansborough Fibres | Ring Style Footwear
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       from the Lord of the Rings Movies

We are just opening a new section where folks may purchase items from the actual artisans that created items for the LOTR movies. Watch this section grow!

Keep in mind, depending on contacts, copyright, and trademark issues, items may be exact or may instead be "in the style of" the movie. This will vary by artisan.

Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith
Stansborough Fibres
Ring Style Footwear

If you are an Artisan from the Lord of the Rings movies and would like to list information here, please contact as at rings@alleycatscratch.com .   

LOTR Home | Up | Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith | Stansborough Fibres | Ring Style Footwear

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This page was last updated 04/22/08