Ring Style Footwear
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Ring Style Footwear

Crafters of the Footwear from the Lord of the Rings movies

We created the footware for Gandalf, Aragorn, Galadriel, Arwen, Boromir, Legolas and more for Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movie series.

We welcome enquiries, and are willing to produce replica character footwear.  All footwear is individually hand crafted to order, to high standards in your size.

As some styles were built for effect and not necessarily for durability,  We make the same style for more robust streetwear and longer lasting wear.  This may necessitate changes, some subtle, some major.

Styles available include

  • Grey Wizard boots
    • Front lace brown leather boots
    • $NZ 750 per pair
  • Forest Ranger boots
    • pull on, brown leather boots with fold down top
    • $NZ 900
  • Elven Queen
    • White and golden fabric boots
    • $NZ 500 per pair
  • Elven Princess Riding boots
    • Back lace, leaf wrap sides,  grey suede boots
    • $NZ 1200 per pair.
  • Elven court
    • Angle high, button closed, brocade shoes
    • $NZ 500

Please note that Legolas just wore plain, short pull on ankle boots.  The wardrobe department created the shoe toppers with the swirl designs.  These just hook under the instep with elastic. These are not available.  See shoe legging combination <here> and a quick explanation of how to do this yourself <here>

  • I will not divulge any style that has not been shown in any released film.
  • Serious purchasers will be forwarded images of the requested boots.
  • Dollar amounts do not include shipping or custom fees and are quoted for "standard" sizes.
  • Use the currency converter to check what New Zealand Dollars (NZD) translate to in your currency.
    • Please note, these prices were correct at time of original posting, please check directly with the company for current pricing.
  • Mastercard, Visa or American Express cards.
  • A 25% deposit will be charged on placement of order, and balance on dispatch of shoes,  usually 4-6 weeks later.
  • Orders can be placed in Continental, English standard or American shoe sizes. Please specify which standard you are using when ordering.


Jim would like to hear from you.


Please note all information here is present with the approval of Jim McIntosh


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