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In the obsessive tradition of finding the right fabric that goes back to Battle Star Galactica and even Star Trek: TOS, custom fabrics are being ordered.

Here is some info from Sabine on what she is ordering for Arwen's Lavender Beaded dress and the Rose dress.

I am just about to order the beaded silk georgette for Arwen's beaded lavender dress custom made in India, additionally I am planning to order some yards of silk georgette with a different pattern to be used for Arwen's white scarf that belongs to the dress. As I have to order at least 100 yards, this will be quiet expensive for me alone... so I thought about asking on list if anyone would be interested in sharing the order with me.  I would give the fabric to you at the same price that I am paying for it; plus shipping costs to [wherever you live...).

Just to show you in advance what we are talking about I got some samples of both fabrics. They have the wrong colors, but its just for the beading and embroidery pattern anyway. The fabrics are about 40 inches wide.

Some links to the dress.

Scarf fabric:

Here is a sample of the beaded and embroidered silk georgette that should be used for the scarf. I would order it in white color, with silver embroideries and silver beading. I think that this would also be a good fabric for the underdress of Arwen's rose dress. It can easily be dyed, but the embroideries and beadings will not take the color and remain silver.

Dress fabric:

Pictures from different angles:

(click to enlarge)



This fabric came as a black swatch, with black embroideries and beading. I would also order this fabric in white, with silver embroideries and beading. As I have said, the silk can be dyed easily; and I guess it is better to order one color that can be turned into any other color instead of ordering 100 colors of which I will need only five (or something like this..:).

Now about the prices; The scarf fabric will be at about $45 per yard and the dress fabric at $40 per yard. Don't forget, this is pure, embroidered and beaded silk fabric, and it is custom made.

I am also able to order *the* beaded fabric for Galadriel's prologue dress... Do not have a sample of it, but as far as I know my dealer, they will make something that looks right. This fabric would be at about $65 per yard. The very fine, embroidered silk chiffon for the mirror dress is also reproducible, at about the same price.

If anyone should *really* be interested in the fabrics, please email me with the amount and type of fabric that you would need. I will collect these requests (if any...) for a fortnight and order the fabrics then. I have no idea how long it will take until I will get them afterwards, but I guess a month or so. Remember - please - I have to pay the fabrics on arrival, and it would be useful if you - if you are interested - could pay your fabric in advance, either via transaction to my bank account or international money order. You see, to have to pay some thousands of dollars at once is not too easy, and what shall I do with 100 yards of fabric...?



contact me at:

Estimating Fabric

Estimates on the amount of fabric used all depend on the pattern used; but with the below listed estimation one can be sure to have enough fabric; maybe even have enough left to make a little purse to go with the dress:

  • 4*(length shoulder-to-floor)
  • + 4*4 inches for hem, seam allowance etc.
  • + 2* (length of train, if desired)
  • +1 yard for the upper sleeves
  • + 2 yards for bottom sleeve circles
  • +5% of all the above mentioned together to be on the safe side when dying. The fabric might shrink a little.

This is a *very* rough estimation, but might help. This is just the beaded over fabric, not the fabric that is used to line the dress.

== Sabine

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