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Arwen's Bedroom and Banner

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banner pattern by Jessalynn

The banner is handwashed silk, 1.8 meters high, 2 meters wide, 3 panels. 

"... shows the bloat leaving for Grey Havens. It has the sea at the bottom and the golden boat sailing off and two gorgeous silverey white trees sweeping up with their branches sort of holding the sun and the moon.  It has these gorgeous silver vines that are smothered in silver leaves; they are all embroidered on.

= from "Artifacts: The Fabric of Middle-earth", an interview with Lesley Earl-Templeton by Dan Madsen, LOTR FCOMM issue 5, Oct/Nov 2002


The display of "Arwen's bedroom" at the ROM, 2002    
  Close as we know for the exact color.  Most images are enhanced to pull out details  
A couple different enhancements of the banner    
Left side of banner Left side of banner and elven glassware Right side of banner

Close up detail

Sun tree detailing Star detail Boat, at different enhancements
Sun detailing bits Sun Moon Detail
    Tile floor for Arwen's bedroom, at the ROM display (closest color)
Table in Arwen's bedroom at the ROM display    
Arwen's bed Pillow  


Banner Art

by Jessalynn

Print out the whole image    
Left side Center Right

To enlarge them enough to do a banner print out a piece and draw gridlines.  Keep blowing them up on a copy machine until each piece is the size you want it.  Tape the individual pieces back together again.


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