Hope Dress
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Arwen's Hope Dress

Version 1.4, November, 2004

"There is still hope"

Off the shoulder burgundy velvet

(here for high rez pic)   Sleeve detailing
  higher contrast detail More sleeve


The dress is made of burgundy silk velvet. Custom dyed.  There is a large drapey cowl neck (burgundy velvet)- probably 12 inches in width and a straight.  Side fitted like her other dresses.  Assume that there is an invisible zipper in the back.  

 The sleeves are of a sheer, dusty mauve-rosy silk  fabric with large silver-grey leaves embroidered throughout.. The sleeves hang to calf length. There is also an under-sleeve as the arms of the mannequin cannot be seen. Very faintly, numerous folds of the undersleeve can be seen so it is not a close fitting item - long triangle.  Base fabric for the sleeves is actually a crepe georgette, not chiffon.

Color of the velvet matches the DMC embroidery floss chart with number DMC3802, the sleeve fabric was closest to DMC 316.

 There is a small 4- 6 inch train in the back of the dress.  The hem looks to be just cut off, like the other velvet dresses.  Hem is left unturned.  Thin zigzag hem similar to the other velvet dresses.

Sleeve Details

1) Leaf boarder and veins are in white-silver iridescent short bugle beads. 6 down the center of the leaf and then 3 beads on each vein.  There are 3 pair of veins running off the leaf.

2) Stems are beaded with small flat iridescent glass sequins.

3) Leaves are filled with chain stitch done in a grey/silver thread.

4) The background is crepe georgette or chiffon.  There is debate on this among those who have seen the sleeves.


Here is one pattern of the leaves.  Note how they are angled. See how the patter tie together with the seed beaded "stem".
Designs drawn by Eledaia

Descriptions include detail from Ty from the Te Papa, NZ exhibit in 2002-2003; Suferdude, London 2004, Maggie, Boston 2004.

Arwen's Banner and room

Click for a whole section for Arwen's banner and her room.

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