Male Elves
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Male Elf Extras

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Rivendell Elves

Special sites for Elven Extras

Lothlorlen Elves

  • After battle in the woods
      • fuzzy
  • Elf fight
  • BTS Warriors, includes back view



Elves from the Wellington ROTK Premier Parade

Male costume names in order coming towards us: Eggshell, Greenish, Plain white No Robe, weird sleeves almost always walks with the Lady Pearl Drops Center male, Blue Belt.  Between the two girls, No Robe and last to the right is Plain White Robe

Basic working names for the guys' outfits.  Not enough pictures to split them up as much as the female elves.  See more excerpts of their costumes on the female side and look at group shots.

  • Eggshell
  • Greenish
  • Plain White Robe
  • Blue Belt
  • No Robe, weird sleeves
Eggshell, petal wrapped sleeves   Eggshell and No Robe
Plain white robe   Plain White on right, No Robe center  w/ head obscured
No Robe, weird sleeves Back of the same outfit.  Notice split in the back and laced belt  
Greenish.  Has a thinner outer robe.  Sleeves are not shaped   Male and female elf hair styles


Blue belt   ?

ROTK Wellington photos thanks to Green Leaf, Sytske, Tyellas and ToRN's Wellington gallery


ROTK Coronation

  • Legolas facing front with the elven group
      • med, exec rez
      • fabrics are ornament are clear




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