Female Elves
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Female Elves - Bits & Extras

As we've collected more information, we need to split it down into finer and finer levels.  We're keeping Arwen and Galadriel at the main level, but all the rest of the female elves will be kept here.

Uruviel Uruviel Maid of Flrein
Misc Elves links
Wellington on Parade Elves


Don't forget to check out our sections on Arwen and Galadriel as well as our main elvel pages.


Up | Uruviel | Misc Female Elves | Wellington Parade

LOTR Home | Female Elves | Arwen | Lady Galadriel | Male Elves | Legolas | Elrond | Celeborn | Gil_Galad | Haldir | Glorfindel | Elves in Armor | Elven Things

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