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Misc Female Elves


Female Elves Index

Don't forget to check out our sections on Arwen and Galadriel as well as our page on

Noticed Styles:

These are just some standard items noticed in the elf women's dresses.  Remember these are just educated guesses from studying the materials.

  • Necklines: either soft deep scoops or high collared (like the men's) and open to bust line.

  • Waist lines: are not directly at the waist.  Either belted with a front point, often with long ties reaching past the knees or the wide obi belt that starts at varying distances underneath the bust with wide, long ribbons down the front.  (more research here)

  • Sleeves: mostly a 2 part pattern

    • Top sleeve is narrow and often inset into the shoulder.  Sleeve piece ends just above the elbow, sometimes is slanted so it reaches down the elbow on the outside.

    • Bottom sleeve is most often...

      • Very wide (still working on the pattern shape)

      • or, sleeve is split and drapes down (also don't have the shape here)

      •  Length of lower sleeve: very long, not only covering fingers but in extreme cases reaches most of the way to the floor.  Most time the sleeve is just pushed back if the women need to reach or carry anything.  That adds to the soft drape.

  • Hems: very long to flow, dragging or actually trained in the back

  • Dress shapes:  (still working on standard)

    • Sheer beaded dress appears to have no seaming across the sides.  Assume there are triangular gores in the side seams and maybe the back to widen the dress, but unknown.

      • Beaded dresses are lined with at least one layer, maybe silk, sometimes satin.

    • Moderate and heavy weight fabric dress are shaped with princess seams that run from the shoulders.

    • The female elves are very tall and willowy.  Those that we have seen are neither busty or hippy.  The patterning in some cases reflect handling minimal curves.


Pictures of extras and unidentified female costumes

Little note for the FOTR: Art book... as time got short, optional dresses were make up for a character.  If the main character didn't wear then, an extra did.    So,  there's a good chance that's why these are so beautiful.

Light yellow lace gown, fitted

Light yellow lace gown is fitted by a wrap of fabric pulled to shape it across the bust to hip.  Single silver fastening at the neck.  Embroidered and beaded  golden yellow belt with center point down is attached between the bodice and skirt.    The sleeve appears to be the standard two part sleeve, with the wide circle at the bottom.

Cloak appears to be crushed velvet and mustard colored, but hard to tell.

The dress shows up in the far background in the farewell to the fellowship in Lothlorien.  The cloak there appears to be more like the other elven cloaks... so it's hard to tell if this is the same cloak just shoved out of the way to show the cloak.




Yellow dress leaf collar

We've thought that it was worn by elf extra in the Rivendell farewell scene by one of the women standing behind Arwen.  (Extended DVD only), but the sleeves don't look quite right.
  • Leaf collar - Casa Loma exhibit


  Preliminary on sleeve design

The dress looks like full quarter panels for each bit of the dress   The pattern is again relying on the thin stick like figure of the elves to fit the dress. There are no bust darts and the belt looks just like it's holding fabric in, not hiding a seam... so the pattern shapes are probably just flares on on the side.  The dress is long in back and comes up about 8-12 inches in front with a soft curve.

There are 14 or 15 little copper or dark brass buttons.  They may just be decorations and there really is an invisible zipper under.

The dress looks to me made from yellow-gold silk velvet imprinted with designs.  The collar is actually quilted into a leaf design.  It is hard to tell from just one picture if the collar is made from the same fabric.   It appears to have a bit more of a satin sheen.  It even could be the same fabric as the belt.

The belt fabric is indeterminate... but softer than velvet.  (Note how it folds.)  Look at the detailing of the little charm hanging off the center of the belt.  The belt ends are frayed and finished with what looks like gold wrapping or stitching.

Sleeves are open underneath and are attached at the top. Liz's drawing of long ovals looks very close... but feel free to try examples

There is an ultra shear under dress just visible on the out the sleeves and under thin silk velvet skirt.  The dress is slightly fuller in front than the over-dress.  The sheer is variegated, basically looks like a diagonal stripe.

  • Arwen with 4 elves - 2 women in gold/yellow - men blue & maroon
  • In foreground, 3 1/2 elves
      • med 4 shot, lighting enhanced
      • Can see more of the lady behind Arwen.

Silver, high necked

We believe the silver over darker-silver outfit with mandarin collar is at the extreme left on the bridge as the Fellowship is leaving Lothlorien in the boats. The scenes are mostly blue and hazy so it's hard to confirm that.

Yes, there's been question of if this is male or female... but we think we've spotted it on a lady and are keeping it here.

Silver Extra's dress  
  • Outer dress constructed of silver-white fabric of moderate weight.  Trained.  5 silver button down front.  Sleeves reach almost to the ground.  Trained.  Overdress is closed until the waist.   Soft underskirt  is white with silver beads in an abstract pattern.   Fabric for outer dress is the same as Arwen’s Angel dress.
    • Construction Note: some seams can be seen in this picture.
    • Note: Style on this one (high neck, etc) may be male.... so find picture proof folks!

On their way to Grey Havens

Rivendell Female Elves

Lothlorien Female Elves




Goldberry - River-Daughter

Apparently this costume is an Arwen gown that was not used in the movie.


Middle Earth Jewelry


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