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Arwen's Requiem Outfit

Version 3.3, November 2004

Requiem for the Age of Elves

While most of the scene is cut from the basic version of TTT, the outfit still makes a stunning impression.  The dress is rich blue-grey velvet with wide silver sleeves.  The cape is a magnificent circular cloak of printed velvet.

Note, this is also the gown used in the ROTK final poster, even though it was photoshopped red.


Requiem Dress - two part

(also called Blue-Grey Velvet and the Traveling Dress) 

Or here for the high rez version Thank you to Torn for these pictures.  Full gallery here:

This is a form fitting dress is blue-grey silk velvet.  On some monitors we're seeing a steel blue.   Wide silver sleeves.  Originally though to be lame, turn out to be a delicate silver brocade, probably paisley.  Trimmed beautify in beaded embroidery for the upper sleeve.

2 layers: scooped neck underdress with long 2-part sleeves, scooped neck sleeveless overdress


Blue silk satin, matching the upper sleeve. A hint of this color can just be seen between the trims of the two layers in the center front. Scooped neck has elaborate, wide silver trim. Edged with a band of seed-beads. And on close inspection, looks more white with clear, AB and silver-lined beads than completely silver. The pattern looks a bit random.

Two different enhancements of the dress.  Ignore the lines from the case and look at the two layers of trim and how the underdress peaks out on the side

Description of Sleeves

These are standard multi-part elven sleeves.  They are divided into tight upper sleeve and wide lower sleeve. Upper sleeve is made of blue chiffon attached to a narrow silver trim.  This is beaded with a floral pattern (see below).  There is a lined underlayer. The sheer lays on top of the silver band of the underlayer and the whole bit insets to the armscye of the underdress.

A wide band of elaborate silver trim covers the joint of the upper sleeve to the silver silk jacquard of the wide drape of the lower sleeve. The lower sleeve is an elongated  half circle, seamed .  The sleeve ends about fingertip at the top, aprox 10".  It goes almost to the floor on the long part of the circle. 

The fabric of these sleeves is a very fine white and pale silver brocade. The pattern is very intricate and fine.  Not a classic pine cone paisley, but definitely Indian in design. Fabric is a pattern of flowers and vines.

Interestingly... we've got two descriptions of the sleeve finish from people who have seen the dress in person... guess Boston observations will the be charm.

1) The hem was not turned under, but again the metal element to the fabric causes the ends to roll thus neatening the ends with a thin zig-zag.

2) A very fine rolled hem.  Stitches are hardly visible.

We also have an alternate description of the sleeves.  We do not know if there are two version of this outfit and there really are two sets of sleeves, or if we're seeing the sleeves just caught in the wind in some cases.

There may be two version of the dress because Arwen does ride a horse.  It does not seem like she would need a ridding double but there might have been.

1) Confirmed from the dress in the Traveling Exhibit the lower sleeves are elongated half circles.

2) There is some photo confusion that a tube or trumpet shape may also exist.  If it does, the sleeve is only stitched part way up and the seam may be gathered.


Blue velvet dress shows no seams for empire waist, drop waist, darts or princess seaming.  It is a three-piece dress - one front and two back.  Color ranges from Steel-Blue on front to Lilac on the rear bottom left panel.  The blue velvet is custom dyed.  Raw Edges on Skirt Bottom finished with machine Scallop Stitches (like Mourning Dress).  It is not lined. 

Scooped neck, lower than the underdress, edged with narrow silver trim. Sleeveless dress splits front and back high under the arm, and then attaches to the narrow silver trim which goes over the shoulders as a strap. This trim would need to be backed by something to strengthen it to hold the weight of the velvet.

Trim has a bit of a design, a floral or starburst pattern

The pile of the velvet over dress appears to have the nap pointing down. The lighting was the Te Papa exhibit was from below, but pointed down.  The bottom of the dress showed the pale grey highlights while the top of the dress was the darker bluer colour.

The arm opening is not very curved, in fact looked to be a "V".

The dress puddles on the floor and most of it was folded back under by the dressers of the exhibit.  In the movie, the dress has a very long train.

There looked to be a few pits that could be stitches tacking the seam to the upper fabric, but it does look lined. The velvet has a bit more body than normally associated with silk velvet, so the stitches may in fact be used to keep the opening in shape, as you cannot iron velvet to set a seam like that.


  •  Silk Satin; Bluish-Dark Lavender/Lilac (result of
  • Customized (Hand dye job?)
  •  Not so full skirt; maybe almost straight cut.
  •  Bottom not hem; left raw
  •  Length to about Ankle
  •  Back Invisible Dress Zip

Main notes from michaela and Ty, from Te Papa exhibit.  Extra by Anárien


Upper Sleeve Fabric Detail

This is the same bead pattern as her Lavender Bead dress.  Up close the fabric is a tad crinkly or rough.  This may be from the pulling of the beads and the dying process.

Single pattern of the beads The bead pattern overlapped.  (art by Eledaia)

This is the same fabric that we see as the white cloak on her Lavender bead outfit.

Lower Sleeve Detail and fabric description

  •  Lower Sleeves almost quarter circle when held up; similar to Design Sketch (See Sketch)
  •  Length about 10" above ground when let go
  • Fabric could be thin & soft Brocade or others. Fabric is light and translucent against normal lighting. When double layered (or more), became opaque under normal lighting. Slight reflective nature of color combination/fabric also cause the fabric to look opaque and base color of fabric White under the Orange Lighting of the showcase.
  • Lower Sleeves has ~3 different patterns on it
  • Lower Sleeves Fabric has Light Grey Base and the pattern done in Silver (thread used could be the slightly stiffed one, as used on Brocades)
  • Lower Sleeves thinly hemmed with rolled hem(?)
    • (Can't see any stitches tho' the edges seems to be sew down instead of simply rolled and left unsewn)
  • Seam line seems hardly gathered; could had been accidental due to the nature of the fabric (Thin, Light & Slightly Stretchy)

Bead pattern for Trim on Neck and Sleeve

full pattern, or <here> for high rez aprox real size version
(a) Edge, silver lined 7mm bugle beads

(b) Large flat sequins

(c) Bugle beads edged in silver machine chain stitch

(d) Whole thing is mounted onto silver braid


art by michaela from  

Sleeve pattern on the Making the dress page

Notes on this dress come mainly from viewing at the Te Papa exhibit, 2002-2003.  michella and Ty, London exhibit JB Xander, Surferdude

Requiem Cloak (originally called Traveling Cloak or Grey Cloak )

Goes with the blue-grey velvet dress.  We see her shed the cloak, it's the same tone, but not quite the same color. What first looked like etching is a silk velvet with a printed design.

Cloak is at least a full circle and does close in front.  It it full enough to drape beautifully across a horse while she is riding.

The hood is an odd shape but takes advantage of the draping power of silk velvet.  The pattern is a long "M", the center of the "M" being at her the center of her forehead with long loose bits hanging down.  (This is a hood that will not work well in the wind.)  (We need to revise the hood shape.)

Clasp: is  a bouquet or a butterfly.  Art Nouvelle - the bottom is like a bunch of stems, there is a band around the middle, and the top is two equal sized sections, looks something like a flower and something like a butterfly

Pattern for Arwen's Requiem Broach
art by Meguet

Hints on creating the broach with Sculpy

High rez image here

Fabric Description

At first we though it was etched.  No one has seen it in person.  However, we do have a description of a fabric swatch which we feel is the correct description of the print on the cloak:

This was a beautiful lavender velvet, a light fabric, that had been overprinted in a silver art nouveau pattern - and over the silver pattern was another gold pattern of dragonflies! The gold and silver patterns seemed to have been done with very light fabric paint or ink. They were perfectly aligned, the effect being an Art Nouveau fabric designed by way of William Morris.

Ty - Te Papa

Is this a banner or a sample of the cloak fabric??? There are something that look like dragon flies.

See our Construction Page


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