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Arwen's Human Crown & Veil

In the flash forward to Aragorn's Death, we see Arwen in a human styled crown.  It is much heaver than anything else we have seen her it.  This is almost a complete band.  She wears a veil

Crown Details

Arwen's gold "human" crown is textured with the front sections being the mostly thickly textured and layered.  The peak is about two inches high and about 1 1/2 inches wide.  There is a Gordor style tree in the center with roots running down and bare branches.  It is different than the other trees we have seen in the fact that the branches almost form a cross.  Around it, the fluted edges appear to almost be sun rays.

The sides of the crown are decorated with an undulating vine.  Very elvish.  Leaves grow out from each up and down dip.  Their stems also have a bit of a wave shape to them.  The band section is a bit thicker in front but narrows just a tad in the back... about 1 1/2 down to 1".  The entire band is rimmed in plain gold, top and bottom, no thicker than 1/8 inch.


Photos and artwork

Photos are too whited out to show any real detail, but it give you an idea of the size and a bit of the texture of the design can be seen.  Crown wraps around behind and crosses over sizing the crown in the back.

Can see a bit of the texture of vine wrap on the left side
Artwork and tree are better in this sketch, but the proportions are squished both directions.  Note the center tree potion extends out.  This is very textured.
Notice how peak is narrower on this sketch, closer to original Propitious are off, but you can see the creases that form the rays Outside of the tree.  The tree has roots, and bare branches that extend 3 directions almost like a cross.  There is additional decoration at the center of the tree.
Wave undulation of the vine on the side of the crown.  The leave each have a strong vein that curves on it's own.  These leaves are fairly details, not abstract.  (See, Aimee's leafs).  The edge of the crown is rimmed
How the back of the band crossed over.  Just a quick way to adjust the fit.  This cross over is only seen at the exhibit.  In the movie, because of the wig, it does not close in back.

Veil Detail

While Arwen mourns, she wear "a long black veil".... in person, it's blue-black.  This veil is held on by the crown.  Rectangular, but softly curved corners. The edges are just rolled very finely... probably a machine with a rolled hem attachment.

These pictures show the size of the veil.  However, in the movie, Arwen' wore this just covering her face, not chest as well.  

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