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Mourning Gown Trim Details

Neck edge trimming looks to be about 2 1/2 inches wide and made from heavy gold bullion trim that is on a red background.  The trim either has a thin dotted edge of gold or there is a very fine trim on the edge.

Pictures up close

Neck trim detail Neck trim, another enhancement  
Armband detail Armband detail  While you cannot see the pattern, you can see the depth of the beading.  Also can see the fine seared edge on the veil.
(or high rez here)    

Bead pattern explained

by Maggie / Padawan's Guide and Aimee

  • Bullion embroidery has repeating pattern, about 4" long.
  • The Thistles / Peacock
    • The pattern has purple/gray thistle-like flowers with 4 rows of iridescent beads in center of the thistle.
    • The thistle has stem that curves and becomes mixed in with leaf designs. There are more beads and/or tiny sequins mixed in with the leaf designs.
    • There are 3 thistle flowers on each side of neckline
    • On the Left side of dress (as if you were in it), the thistles face down and they continue on the right side facing up.
  • The bullion embroidery is done on a red fabric, NOT velvet.


Preliminary Pattern

See the iridescent "thistles".  4 rows of beads Pattern run's down one side and up the other.  This is half the width of the full trim. See the thistles, they run one way on the lower half and the other way on the upper
Notes on what we're seeing One repeat of the pattern, drawing by Maggie  

Aimee's breakout of the pattern.  (This is a preliminary that shows you now to break it down.  Anita's final sketch is on the bottom.)

A) Gold Fabric

B) Gold Thread

C) Peacock: 4 rows  iridescent beads (also called thistle)

D) Red base fabric

E) Small gold sequins on the ends of gold cord

F) Darker bronze coiled cord / caterpillars

G) The pattern repeat

For an introduction on getting starting doing the bouillon embroidery, Maggie's put together an intro page.

Trim from Scratch

Read about how Maggie made hers

The definitive study is coming from Anita... but it's currently a work in progress.

  • as

Final Pattern

  • A. Wool or chenille thread

  • B. Seed beads (iridescent iris green/purple)

  • C. Bright bullion/purl

  • D. Bright or wire bullion/purl (looks different in different pictures, I'll go for bright...)

  • E. Bright bullion/purl or gold thread? Maybe even checked bullion?

  • F. A tad more tarnished bullion/purl

  • G. Wire bullion/purl (not bright)


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