Second Age Armor
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Second Age Elf Armor

Armor Index

Second Age Armor - FOTR

(See many more armor details over with Elrond's Armor and Gil Galad.)

Notes: from DVD and Making-of

The elf armour was made out of PVC sheet, which was individually cut and folded to give each 'leaf' a central vein.  Then they spray painted each bit with an airbrush.

Notes on the garments under the armor: the petal pieces look to be a greyish blue silk velvet. The pants look like Palazzo pants out of the same material. The cloak is a sari silk that I have seen in our Little India district and is two tone in color - gold and black. I've also seen Dupioni silk very close to this gold/black two tone color as well.

The second age elf 'maille' is an open kind of fabric, consisting of V-shapes joined at the top and bottom by straight horizontal lines. There must be a seam in the CF of the layer, because the right body part is running different from all the other parts. Only looks anything like maille from a distance.  (Sketch JB/Xander)

Elven Armor

These photos from the opening of the Te Papa exhibit. Thanks to Lyric.


These photos from the London Exhibit. Thank you to Torn for these pictures.  Full gallery here:

  Side view of helmet Shoulder detail


Enhanced, Elves on Parade, ROTK Wellington Premier  
Elves and their Gondorian allies    
same as above, different adjustment (or high rez here)  
Side views (or high rez here)  


  Vambrace and Glove
Boot rap, note regular boot, wrapped like Legolas.  Can just make up black elastic under the heel to hold the wrap Top of elven spear blade
Middle of elven spear, not gold 3D decoration Spear decoration from another angle

ROTK photos thanks to Green Leaf, Sytske, and ToRN's Wellington gallery

Elven Shield - from Prologue

Shield pictures from the Archlight display.  Thanks to Ronda.

(or high rez version) (or high rez version)  
    (or high rez version)
(or high rez version)    
    Back of shield
    Back of shield


Major Study pages for 2nd Age Elf Armor

Check out

The following are all advance techniques.

Check out Tammy's Elven Armor Study <here>.  Pictures of both warriors and Elrond. Technique: Fiberglass
Check out Crystal Ball Costumer's Elven Armor Study <here>.  Technique: Sintra PVC plastic sheets.
Check out  Lord Ironwulf's Elven Armor Study <here>.  Technique: Sintra PVC plastic sheets.  Includes templates
How to make the elven cloak, courtesy of Crystal Ball Costumes <here>

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