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Elrond's Elven Armor - second age


Casa Loma Photos

Pictures of the 2nd age armor taken at Casa Loma.  Note the "spring" colors.

Elrond armor Elrond armor, enhanced for detail, color's off High rez view

or here for med printable

Very high rez image of the Armor.  Has not been color corrected.  Slow load.    

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Second Age Armor




Fabrics: Elrond is a green watermarked silk and blue/black changeable silk for the cloak.  Alternate theory for the cloak is something napped like a crushed velvet.


Check out Tammy's Elven Armor Study <here>.  Pictures of both warriors and Elrond.

LOTR Home | Elrond's Armor | FOTR Robes | TTT Robes

Up | Underlayers | Armor Layer | Mantle and Cloak

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