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Armor Detail Layers

Elrond's Elven Battle-Armor - Last Alliance

(only colored bordered pictures will open larger pics)

Layer 4a: Plate-armor- Front


  • Each side of the chest-armor is made of six long metal plates. Three are elongated and pass over the shoulder. The lower edge of each metal strip is folded back on itself to get rid of the raw edge.
    • [Guess] A leather strap joins the shoulder-guard to the nearest over-the-shoulder chest plate strap.
    • All are stamped (or embossed) with a flowing pattern (vine, perhaps?).
    • Design can be seen on the toy.  The design seems to flow from one piece to the next, so each pieces is not the same.
  • On the extras' armor, leather strips can be seen holding the plates in place; one strip of leather passing down each side of the chest. The leather loops around each plate and is riveted in place.

Sash and belt

  • A wide swath of soft green fabric (probably silk)  is wrapped around the waist.  Looks like multiple times.
  • Sash is kept there with a twice-wrapped leather belt.
  • Swordsheath  straps are attached to the belt on (his) left for a right-hand draw. The sash obscures the top of the cuirass.
  • The  number of metal plates in the cuirass seven on each side.
  • The metal strips for both the chest-armor and the cuirass are at least 1 - 1 1/2 inches wide.


The bracers consist of three layers of panels. The back panels are longer than those of the front, and wrap around the back of the forearm to slightly overlap the front panels.

The hands are gloved, presumably in a thin leather.

Layer 4b: Plate-armor- Back

The top piece of the shoulder/arm armor is molded to fit comfortably over the rounded part of the shoulder. (1)

According to the back of the 6" Elrond doll, the (three) over-the-shoulder chest-pieces are tied to the rest with one hole punched through all three pieces (and probably grometted).

Each of the six metal strips of the chest-armor is joined ot the others by a piece of metal folded over their raw edges at the back. Holed punched in the folded piece of metal allow the whole thing to be laced together. This lacing-up method is somewhat reminiscent of Roman charioteers' leather chest-armor.

Shoulder detailing

(1) On the armor for the extras, this piece is not molded. Instead, the top half is cut and overlapped, then riveted together.  [See shoulder diagram below]

The shoulder/arm armor is made of three plates on the outside of the arm, with two (guess) going the rest of the way around the arm.

 (A) Molded shoulder plate

(B) Strap for attaching it to third chest piece.  (Closest)


The back panel of the hauberk is a guess. It is not present on the 6" Elrond doll, which only has the back of the cuirass (with no indication of how it is held in place or gotten into) and the armor-skirt.


6" Elrond action figure; Art of FotR, hardcover, p.129; FotR Visual Companion, hardcover, p.7; FotR Official Movie Guide, softcover, p. 87.

Main editor: SkyFire

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