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Armor Detail Layers

Elrond's Elven Battle-Armor - Last Alliance

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Layer 5: Mantle & Cloak


The mantle is made of chainmail and is shaped like a rounded triangle on the chest, with the point at or just below the sternum.

The back of the mantle (as seen on the 6" Elrond doll) is a rounded rectangular shape, long edge horizontal. The lower edge is at or just below the top of the shoulder blades.


As seen briefly in the Prologue of FotR, the cloak consists of two layers down the back; one falling freely, the other belted under the green waist-sash.

The cloak is held in place by a pin or brooch on the shoulder, the pin probably hooking around a loop of some sort on one of the underlying layers. The brooch is patterned with dark blue and gold, presumably in the design of either the House of Gil-galad or Elrond.

Another such design is the pendant at the top center of the mantle. This design seems darker than those of the shoulder-brooches. Best guess is House of Elrond.

Sky Fire's Cloak pattern

Based on the cloak-observations and the way it passed around the shoulders, this is how I would make the cloak:


 (1) Start with a length of fabric roughly twice the desired length of the cloak.

 (2) Cut arm slits about 1/4 of the way into the fabric width, nearly but not quite at the center of the length (see diagram). The slits should be long enough to put your (armored) arms through easily. Finish all raw edges.

 (3) To wear, fold the fabric in half, so that it is the right length. The center part of the fabric should go against your back, and your arms should go into the slits so that you have that outside quarter of fabric going in front of your shoulder. Belt the underneath layer under the sash, pin the rest in place with a brooch at either shoulder. Done.

6" Elrond action figure; Art of FotR, hardcover, p.129; FotR Visual Companion, hardcover, p.7; FotR Official Movie Guide, softcover, p. 87.

Main editor: SkyFire

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