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How to build some of Legolas' Kit

Not a complete step by step, but some hints.

Also check out our  Leather Tips section for much more information.

Strapping study

http://www.geocities.com/cuprysa/legolasstraps.html contains the best details showing how to do the strapping yourself.  It's a blow by blow picture fest.

Quiver Tips

or <here> for larger

Simplified pattern for the quiver peacock by Lasgalen Example of Lasgalen's quiver using the design on the left.

I constructed my Lothlorien quiver using 7-8oz. veggie tanned leather. Before hacking into my leather I made a “mold” out of cardboard and duct tape, and fitted cheapo vinyl around it to get a template. Using my template, I cut the sized piece from the hide and dyed it using Fiebrings Leather Dye. I then took my peacock design that I had drawn onto tracing paper and tooled it into the wet leather using a stylus. The leather was then tied onto the mold while it was still wet and left to dry for 24 hours. I did all the trimming, hole punching, and painting (Cova Color paints) while the quiver was still on the mold. Then I sewed up the back and the bottom with leather strips.

More in her scrapbook entry

== Lasgalen

Bow comments

Replacement for the metal around the edges on the Mirkwood

Use Magic Sculpt. It is a two part clay-like mixture that will give you about an hour working time before it becomes as hard as a rock.  Available at hobby shops.

== Tammy

Dying the Mirkwood Bow

When the wood was dry, you could stain it black and paint on the goldwork for the Mirkwood bow. Black wood stains can be hard to come by, but I've had great success (as an adult, on weapon handles) using calligrapher's ink, coated 3 times in acryllic spray (gloss or matte) finish afterwards to keep it from bleeding onto anything.


I use black leather dye on wood...and then seal it with the normal leather sealant.

== Tammy

Raised designs on the bow

I used magic sculpt, sculpted the designs on the quiver and then painted it gold.

== Tammy

Check out Justin's article on sculpting designs on a bow with apoxie sculpt


Jerkin detail | Shirt | Council Velvet | Leather Armor | Legolas Kit | Coronation Robe

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