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Legolas Kit

Kit Index

Mirkwood Bow

Made of dark wood. Carved from single piece of wood engraved in gold with pattern of twined ivy on each limb. Length is 60" when strung, could fire 250yds.

Mirkwood arrows are about 30" long and stained dark brown. They have long, bodkin style arrow tips. They have green flights which theoretically come from pheasant or other game birds.

Mirkwood Quiver

Made of stained wood with a coat of resin to give a nice sheen, embellished with heavy gold scrollwork at the throat.

Knife handles and side view of Mirkwood quiver

Mirkwood Buckles and Belts

Chest bucket (fibula) from Mirkwood baldric

Lothlorien Bow

A recurve made of a single piece of light colored wood, when strung the bow is 68" long and according to the Weapons & Warfare book and could shoot 400yds with a possible draw weight of 150lbs (similar to that of Mirkwood bow). In actuality the bow was made of rubber and shot digital arrows as far as the director needed.

Lorien arrows are about 40" and thinner than the Mirkwood. These have green-gold flights made of turkey feathers trimmed into a diamond shape. The shafts are dyed sage green. They have long tips in a vaguely mallorn shape, and the nocks are reinforced with bone.

Detail on bow, and some strapping

(or here for high rez)

Center of bow   (or high rez)  
  same, coloring just adjusted    
Bottom Edge Look at bow string detail here    
Lower (Casa Loma) Higher (Casa Loma)    


(or high rez here) (or high rez here)
(or high rez here) (or high rez here)


Making your own...

Check out Justin's article on sculpting designs on a bow with apoxie sculpt


Lothlorien Quiver

He has two quivers: the Mirkwood has the swirls on top, and the Lorien has the peacock design. The Lorien quiver is again made of wood but this time with a leather cover having a peacock design inlaid with gold. The mouth is fitted with a locket of gold. Holds 2 dozen arrows. The quiver stays on with a 3-point baldric harness, of which he has a different one for each quiver. At least, the buckle changes with each quiver. he has two bows that go along with the quivers: a dark one is his Lorien bow.

Behind the quiver he's got two curved, bone-handled knives.

The arrows change as well when he receives gifts with the fellowship.

Legolas Lothlorien quiver and bow (Casa Loma) Legolas Lothlorien kit, different enhancement to pull up details CU of  quiver

We have a simplified sketch over under How To

Picture of kit at Casa Loma (high rez, slow load)
    (or high rez)
Ties on the side Ties, on side, next to knife handle (Or high rez)
Mouth of the quiver Arrows  
Arrow detail - London exhibit Arrow Tips - Arclight  

How does the strapping work?

Suzanne's study page for quiver, knives and strapping:

Las' study page for the strapping

Important note on Leggie's strapping:

  • While it appears that the quiver/knife assembly is supported by a triple band arrangement across his chest, this is really movie magic, as the assembly is actually attached to a wide harness beneath the jerkin.  Behind the scenes shots even show the whole quiver assembly just being lifted off/on, into place from this backboard.
  • Why???  Because it keeps is clothing cleaner and the stuff doesn't move around or pull on his costume.

Lothlorien Belts and Straps


Waist belt Belt pattern Chest buckle (fibule)  from Lothlorien baldric

At the waist Tip of belt carving detail The waist belt

Waist belt Lower waist buckle Main belt strapping pattern
Upper waist buckle    
shoulder buckle CU of same buckle  

Pauldron strap around the waist Horse detailing on the pauldron straps  

See Scott's  study of the belt and buckles



White Knives

Pearlescent scabbards are 24" long. The knives have a 16" steel blade engraved with brass in scrolling vine patterns and an 8" handle inlaid with the same ivory scrollwork as Elrond/Arwen's sword Hadhafang. Knives have a bronze guard & pommel fitted diagonally onto the tang. They are used for slashing and short stabbing. Etched and engraved with brass.

"Each knife was honed only on the downward side and the point was sharply tapered"

More knife pictures may be see up with the quiver pictures.

Knife tutorial <here>

or here for high rez version

Handle Detail Knife detail  
  Scabbard Scabbard tip
Knife Handle   slightly blurry, but different angle
Etching detail   Heavily enhanced to pull out gold detail



Dark bow is Mirkwood.  Light bow is Lothlorien.

From a question on "how did they get the raised designs on his Lothlorien Bow?"  His bow was injection molded rubber. He shot no real arrows during the production and thus had a rubber bow for all of his dry firing. They probably made the bow with the designs sculpted on, took a mold off it and then cast it in rubber.

Reconstruction notes

We have a page of notes for reconstructing kit items

Many quick notes can be found <here>

How to tell the difference in his accessory changes in FOTR

- Emily

In Lothlorien, Galadriel gives gifts to all the fellowship, chapter eight, book two, of the Fellowship of the Ring book. She gives Legolas a new bow and quiver!  The way you can tell which version he's wearing in the pics is that Legolas' buckle on the chest strap changes after Lothlorien. In the first part of the movie, he is wearing the one he came with to Rivendell, from his home, in Mirkwood. This baldric buckle  is shaped with delicate filigree, pointing down to his ribs. After Lothlorien, the buckle now points up towards his face and is much planer.  And, if you watch his arrows, you will notice that there is a difference between pre-Lothlorien and post-Lothlorien.  If you have the book the Visual Companion, from the movie, it is very deceiving, because he has been posed. He stands there in the Mirkwood chest buckle, Mirkwood bow and arrows...BUT!-he is wearing the Lothlorien cloak and leaf brooch.

But then again...there are shots that are obviously post Lothlorien, where he still uses the previous bow from Mirkwood...maybe he kept that one with him too?! :-)

Now the quiver, pre-Lothlorien, is embellished with perhaps metal swirls. The Casa Loma pictures are not of this quiver. There is a peacock feather pattern painted/engraved/leafed on this one.-and I think it is post-Lothlorien.

Pictures have been contributed from a wide variety of sources.  Steve J, Ronda, Judy, Daniel G. and more

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