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TTT - Legolas' Leather Armor

Legolas adds a leather shoulder pauldron over his basic tunic. It is a piece of armor from Rohan, it is not Elvish.

A couple times now the discussion has come up as to if Legolas is wearing a new brown tunic... nope... just older (battle worn) and a chunk of brownish color sweetening for the Rohan scenes.

Helm's Deep Armor - Shoulder pauldron

He has eight flaps on each shoulder for armor - lames of tough, boiled leather that are riveted together. I have attached a picture of the Rohan design stamped into the 4th, 6th and 8th leather lame.

Can see how the leather pauldrons is strapped near his elbow Better shot of the pauldrons and their carved leatherwork.  (Ignore the white slot in the center... this shot is from Judy's standee.
  Different standee, can see more articulation.  (Daniel G.)
Tooled leather design Close-up of the design.  Note the edges are bound in machine stitched leather.
Pauldron strap buckle Another buckle, can't see most since it is under his hair, but can see a bit of carved pattern


The pauldron belt is actually horse's heads very artistically interwoven Inversed image of the belt scrap to bring out more detail
Side, at waist where the belts are joining  


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