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Legolas Coronation Outfit

Version 2.0, December 2004

Legolas is with the elven delegation at Aragorn's coronation.  He wears full length formal robes.

The outer robe is made from an intricate brocade with a pale blue background.  There is a rich mix of greens, blues, yellows, golds.  Very extreme high collar that comes to a point in the front.  This is a standard set in collar.  Set in long sleeves. Slight bell to the sleeves. Long Elrond style robe, fitted  with just a slight flare.  No slits are visible.  The front has a bit of a petal look at the front hem.  Lined in cream silk with a bit of a crinkle texture.

Underlayer also has a high collar.  This is also a robe, same pattern but tighter sleeves.  Hem is about an inch shorter.  Sleeves are tight fitting and just a tad longer, slightly longer than the wrists.

The underlayer has a wide (4-5") belt, much like Elrond's, and Arwen's Farwell dress.  This includes two long tails and an elven design in white on the outer tail.

Under both robes he has light blue trousers.  The "boots" look like his standard boots of short boots and wrap.  However, they may be a silver-grey version of them.

He wears a small circlet of silver.  The clasp at his neck looks like the silver stylized butterfly at center of his belt from the hero fellowship shirt.

Different hair style.  No braid in front.  Just small amounts of hair are pulled back and braided into one herring bone braid at the back of his head.

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thanks to Lenara for the images

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