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Galadriel's Hair

Galadriel's Hair is one of of the most striking features of her "costume".  It is elegant and simple like her clothing but it adds to the overall timeless quality of her character.

Sample pictures

Description and steps to Recreate Galadriel's Hair Style

Styling is simple... it starts with long hair, curled.

Galadriel's wig is made from incredibly long lengths of hair.  We have some suggestions in the Buy It section, but they are not going to have the same wave, or be as long.  If you want to lengthen the hair, you're going to have to do some wig modification. (Check our Wig section for all kinds of wig tips.)


First, look at the pictures above to see the hair style and the descriptions...  there are 3 parts to styling it.

1) Select the hair to go in front of the ears.  This should come directly down from the ear tab and may be hair from a weft that is not on the edge.  Separate it out and let it hang cleaning in front.  This should be no wider than an inch.

2) Smooth the hair behind your ear, but smooth gently to keep the curl.  Separate out this hair right behind the ear.  This should be an inch or narrower.  However, it will be a thicker amount of hair than you have  in front of your ears.  Give it a bit of a twist and pin it into the wig cap about an inch or two behind the ear.  Do not pull it tight. You will have to play with pin placement and getting the soft curl and drape required for both the style of the wig... and how much you want to cover your elven ear seams.

3) Bring the rest of the hair gently over the pinned section of hair.  Let it hang down the back.




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