Prolog Dress
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Galadriel's Prolog Dress / Grey Havens

Prolog Dress (V1.3)

White silk dress with cowl neck.  Body of the dress is one pattern thread and pearls.  Sleeves, another. Sleeves are not embroidered at top of arm.  This is seen quickly in the prolog and then it we it in one of the final bits of Return of the King when the Elves are leaving for the Grey Havens.

We've now expanded this into an entire section...  Be sure to visit the sub sections that show just how obsessively we're studying.

(Pictures here come from two sources.  Those on the black mannequin are from Casa Loma, 2002 and the "nosier" photos on the white figure are from FIDM, 2002.)

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Galadriel's prolog dress, from Casa Loma exhibit.  Extreme high rez, slow rez. (Casa Loma) Galadriel's prolog dress, size view
Front of the Prolog dress, from FIDM 2002.  2 different exposures, each show different detail Full back of dress, fuzzy, but only back shot that exists of this dress.  Note how full the skirt is.
(Or high rez here) (Or high rez here)
(or high rez here) (or high rez here)
(or high rez here)  
  (Or high rez here)

With shoulder cloak

Seen in prolog with a shoulder cloak that appears to be sewing on to the dress.  This causes a conflict with the dress exhibited at FIDM, which appears to be the identical fabric, except the cloak has never been attached.  Both examples are here now while we work to unravel the mystery.  It is possible that two versions of the dress were made and one had the cape added.

Belt detailing from the prolog dress, color enhanced to bring out pattern Flower petal fabric of the prolog dress center section.  (Sleeves are different)

Without shoulder cloak

This is the version of the dress shown at the FIDM exhibit

  • Rough description summary: (Each section has it's own page!)
    • The neckline is a beautiful scooped wide oval, with cowl draped collar.
    • The fabric is heavily embroidered  cream silk with an 8 point petal design of silver and white heavy thread.  It  is chain stitched to form the expanding pedals.  The centers are hand beaded.
    • The dress is patterned so that it is fitted only at the sides to preserve the bead pattern. The dress skirt flares widely.  It is trained about 8 -10 inches.
    • The sleeves are cream silk. Their embroidery pattern is different and slowly tapers off about the half way point on her arm. These sleeves are one piece.
    • The belt  is pearls and beads on cream silk embroidery with iridescent pearls and seed beads.    Belt fastens in back with a 3 loop lacing tied with narrow cord.

Leaving for the Grey Havens

Dress is worn with the "Preview Cloak" for the final scene with the elves..


Get a lot more details below...

Pattern Detail | Belt Detail | Sleeve Detail | Fabric Detail

Exhibit pictures throughout this section thanks to Steve J., KL, Secrete Elf, Garfeimao, Kelldar,  and Silvara

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