Silverload Cloak
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Galadriel's Silverload Cloak

(aka Farewell to the Fellowship Cloak)

Farewell to the Fellowship / Silverload

Naming????  The weta name may be Silverload.  We never got an ID from a very early exhibit.  It makes sense that it would be this cloak.  It has been pointed out that the Silverlode is the river where the Fellowship boards the boats in FotR

This cloak is very soft.  From the decorations, it look like a very light weight silk velvet.  There is burn-out decoration on the shoulders.

This is not full length cloak.  It looks much more like an Legolas' Council Velvet cloak.  the shape is a bit different think oblong circle, 1/2 "U" on each side.  There is a very large hood.  The front crosses over.

Cannot see any opening so it probably pulls on over the head. Though with all the hair, it could close on the one side.

Also check out Julia's study page on the cloaks

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