Grey Haven's Cloak
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Galadriel's Grey Haven Cloak

aka Preview Cloak

- Version 2.1 - August 2004

The first images we see of Galadriel before the movie opens in in a long pale silk satin cloak.  the hood is self lined and worn with the edge folded back.

The satin cloak with embroidery was used for a lot of the initial previews art and magazine covers... so we're calling it the "preview cloak".  The "farewell to the fellowship cloak" is the one she wears on the boat.  It is much softer.

It has a wide over shoulder yoke that drops to a point front and back that descends almost to her waist.  The yoke has narrow piping on the edge.  There is a tassel in the back

There is a couched cord design on the cloak hood and large yoke.

The cloak appears white during shooting and this is obviously what it is suppose to be.  Interestingly the magazine photo makes the cloak appear to be a very light blue.  In person, it is a slightly off-white, to the green.  "It's made from a burnished silk, tinted to silver green-gray. "  It photographs ice white

We also see the cloak as white at the very end of the movie as the elves leave for the Grey Havens.  The cloak is warn with the dress we call "Prolog"

The Art of ROTK, interview with Ngila Dickson

"We looked for a new shape here, a stylized hood and intricate
cornelli work are the special points about this cloak.  It's made from a burnished silk, tinted to silver green-gray.  The dress went through several transitions.  Its original style as seen in the drawings was to continue the leaf shape through into a coatdress, over a very fine silk gown.  Sometimes, however, the original concept simply doesn't work and I chose to abandon it in favor of a dress -- luxuriously beaded and belted with a silk chiffon drape at the neck.  Although there is only a glimpse of the dress in the film, I felt it much more typified Galadriel in the sparkle peeking out from the cloak."

Note long train in back only, sides do not quite touch the ground.    
(Or high rez here) (Or high rez here)  
(this is closest to the real color, w/ just a tad more green.) (Or high rez here) (Or high rez here)
Note that cloak does not close in front
(or high rez here)
(or high rez here) (or high rez here)


(or high rez here) (or high rez here)  
Self lined hood, folded over Darkened for more detail  
(Or high rez here) Side hem, note how it goes up, confirming the type of pattern used.  Side is 44" wide fabric and doesn't quite reach the gown on the side when hemmed.  
White version of the fellowship cloak leaf.  Another slightly different angle, same cloak  


Exhibit pictures throughout this section thanks to Secrete Elf, Heather Garfeimao, Kelldar, Silvara and Rae

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