Under a Spell
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Under the Spell

Frodo offers Galadriel the one ring.  She transforms as if under a spell into a wild creature.

It appears to look like the main dress under the breast plate, but really is just tatters of the same fabric dyed grey-green.  Sleeves use some of the beaded fabric but more tatters.  The back (which we don't see in the move) is just  layers of tatted stuff in slightly different colors.  Over this is the molded breast plate.

Best place to see this dress is on the 3rd FOTR DVD Ext version at the beginning of the costume sequence.  The dress is being fitted.

Female Elves | Arwen | Lady Galadriel | Male Elves | Legolas | Elrond | Celeborn | Gil_Galad | Haldir | Glorfindel | Elves in Armor | Elven Things

Up | Prolog Dress | Mirror Dress | Under a Spell | Galadriel's Accessories | Grey Haven's Cloak | Silverload Cloak | Hair

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