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Galadriel's Grey Haven Cloak  -Close up on Design Detail

aka Preview Cloak

- Version 2.1 - August 2004

The design is silver cord couched down.... it looks like a very fine zig-zag by machine.

(Or high rez here) Top of front side and edge of cloak hood.  Note hood is self lined. (Or high rez here)


More front of yoke, note piping    
  Shoulder and side back Front side, look close at the flower can see where they started a new piece of cord by just laying it along side.
    Side front, can see the seam on the piping strip on the far left side
Back yoke Tip of back and tassel  
Back of hood pattern.  Note you can see the seam even at the bottom.    

Original Art Design

Front of cloak, as in the original design sketches. Not quite what we see in the movie. Back of cloak as in the original design sketches
See original here

In actual movie, it is straight lined seams, not curved

This cloak is the most Moroccan styled of the Elven ones I've seen.  There is a tassel on the back of the hood, and another tassel on a piece that wraps around the body of the cloak to mimic the hood shape.  There is a design (no idea how it's done.. this is just a sketch, no photo) on the back of the hood and right above the mimicked cloak piece.  The cloak front seems to attach almost like a mantle, with very loose ties hanging down the front of the dress and ending in tassels. 

The dress worn with this cloak is pretty much exactly like the one pictured in the Art of the Fellowship book that has a very clear leaf design to the skirts.  There is a pattern to the fabric of the leaf skirted overcoat in the drawing, and there is an (embroidered?) pattern around the v-ed neckline.  The overcoat to the dress seems to be cream, while the soft underdress is white. 

Art work by Sidhe E, based on the originals in "The Art of ROTK"


Photo thanks to Secret Elf and Kelldar

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