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Belt Detail: Galadriel's Prolog Dress

Basic Description

Galadriel appears to wear the same belt with all her dresses.  Because the belt is cream.. against the other fabrics it shows up yellowish.

The Fabric

  • Belt is on cream silk, maybe a charmoose of light satin.
  • It is embroidery with iridescent pearls and seed beads.
  • Since the dress is cream silk as well... the lighting to make the dress "white",  shows it up as white on the film as well.


(or high rez here) he basic pattern pieces:  The strip is tucked to shape.  One tail extends to the ground.  Diagonal cut at the edge. Design from Casa Loma.  Notes from FIDM exhibit note two tails on the belt.

  (or high rez here)

Belt detailing from the prolog dress, color enhanced to bring out pattern - from Casa Loma shows one tag  

Shot from FIDM 2002 shows 2 tabs down on the belt, vs. the Casa Loma that shows one tab  
Belt as displayed FIMD, 2004 with the Prolog dress Close up of just the belt design

Back of belt, laces across the zipper.

The Belt Pattern

Note: The same belt pattern is seen in all the belts that Galadriel wears.  However, there appears to be one with one tail and another with two.  The Casa Loma prolog dress has one tail.  The FIDM dress had two tails. 

  • The belt is two pieces.  Approximately 3" wide... but probably done in centimeters (since it was made in New Zeeland).
    • The waist wrap
    • The center tail
  • The waist wrap part of the belt actually closes in back not front.  There are a set of loops on each side and small bit of rat-tail cord is used to close them in back.
    •  It comes to a center front point.  Fabric is just tucked and stitched to give it a light "V" at the center front.
    • This is the standard way the front pointed belts close.  It can also be seen on the back of Arwen's white dress (Weta statue) and is assumed to be the way the Saron's belt closes.
  • There is a single long tails that hangs from the center of the belt.  It reach most of the way to the floor.  It is decorated identically.
    • The belt finishes simply at the end with just a diagonal cut... no special pattern.

The Construction

  • Contrary to the design patterns on the rest of the dress, the belt does not appear to be embroidered by computer.

  • The belt is probably a plain layer of silk 3 times the width of the belt sandwiched with a stabilizing layer of light canvas or mid-weight cotton.

  • There are four lines of iridescent machine stitching running down the edges of the belt - a pair on each side.  This stitching would stabilize the fabrics for embroidery.

  • Once the embody is finished, the belt is removed from the embroidery frame.  The extra fabric is folded over, the raw edges turned under and hand whip stitched closed.

The Beads Pattern

  • Please see the sketch below for bead placement.  See the photo for the exact spacing.   Note: the iridescent throws off what sections are raised and which are fairly flat.

    • As I get a chance, will add the actual bead names I can find.

    • Note: follow the labeling for the beads here over what is listed in the scanned pattern.  (Found more notes.)

  • Each side of the belt has a row of mini pearls.  There is a row of iridescent machine stitching on either side of the beads -- probably done before the beads were laid down.

  • There is a center wavy line of the same mini pearls.  These are edged on both sides with clear iridescent mini bugle beads.

  • There are 3 different types of swirls that decorate the "empty" area.

    • Candy cane swirl: pearescent seed beads outlined in the same mini bugle beads that are used around the center pearls.

    • Lower Teardrop: A mini teardrop shaped pearl surrounded with pearescent seed beads.   Sometimes there is an extra little pearl at the top to fill the design.

    • Upper Teardrop:  A mini teardrop shaped pear surrounded with the mini iridescent bugle beads.

  • Pattern swirls are not precisely even.  They are artistry placed... not mechanically done.


  Belt detail, without color contrasts


-- pattern and notes by Cat, from a number of hours spent with this dress when it was shown at FIDM in 2001

Exhibit pictures throughout this section thanks to Steve J., KL, Secrete Elf, Garfeimao, Kelldar,  and Silvara

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