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Fabric Detail: Galadriel's Prolog Dress

OK, time to be really obsessive....  The fabric on the prolog dress may have been bought, but it has the feeling of being custom made...  It is a wonderfully beautiful blend of a flower and  geometry.  Recognize you do not have to have this exact material to recreate the dress, but it's fun to know the obsessive detail.

Flower petal fabric of the prolog dress center section.  (Sleeves are different) Fabric without color enhancement.

(see fabric sketch at the bottom)

The fabric.  One big flower in the center, parts of 4 off to the corner.  Note how the leaves form the side mini flowers  
  (or high rez here)
One "flower".  Note the finger in the picture, it allows you to judge the size of the design.  
Mini flower  

Basic Description:


  •  The geometric pattern of the prolog dress can be stared at for an hour. (Did that.) It is cream silk with an 8 point petal design of silver and white heavy thread that is chain stitched to form the expanding pedals. Heaver white thread fills in the triangular gaps with a crazy stitch.  There are two different styles of centers for these flowers

The Flower Centers:

  • There are two types of centers: a detailed "X" and a simple circle
  • The "X"
    • 5 mini pearls, one in the center and one at the far point of an imaginary "X"
    • These pearls are outlined in an "X" pattern with iridescent seed beads.  (See design below.)

The Petals:

  • The magnificent petals are just formed from simple chain stitching with a blended thread of white and metallic silver thread.  This reflective thread makes it harder to see the actual designs.
    • Like the sketch... there are 8 rows of chain stitching - 4 to the left and 4 to the right.  There is no center stitch.  (That line is just there in the sketches to line up the petals and pears.)
    • All horizontal and vertical petals are exactly the same size.  All diagonal petals are the same size.

The Fill pattern:

  • The area between the petals is also loosely decorate.
  •  Heaver white thread fills in the triangular gaps with a "free hand" crazy stitch.


Please note, these drawing are just rough sketches taken from my notebook... but they were languishing unposted for far too long... so here they are, until I have more time to clean them up.

  • See fabric for actual size of petal.  The horizontal and vertical petals are all the same size.   The diagonals are all the same size. 

  • Hand beaded in the flower centers

  • This sketch is closer to the actual size of the petals and the bead center.
  • Even the little beads are very geometrically aligned.
Center of big flowers.    Set of 5 pearls surrounded by short bugles Small centers.  One pearl surrounded by seed beads.  

-- pattern and notes by Cat, from a number of hours spent with this dress when it was shown at FIDM in 2001

Exhibit pictures throughout this section thanks to Steve J., Secrete Elf, Garfeimao, Kelldar,  and Silvara

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