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Elf Guys  - Halloween shortcuts

Here we present some shortcuts from our members.

Very simple basic shapes - T tunics, use a long sleeved T shirt in the right colours, the longer the better& or just find a long shirt, cut off the collar and cuffs, and wear it backwards! You could even combine the two - a long t-shirt or sweater underneath, and a 'tunic' shirt over the top.

  • Disguise the buttons by wearing a cloak made from a rectangle of fabric. Pin it on at the shoulders or neckline like the pics of the Lorien Elves.
  • If you want the leaf wrap style, you want a shirt much too big for you with a straight hem- not a curved hem! Cut off the collar and cuffs, then cut the hem so the sides are the longest part, curving up to the centre line in an inverted v shape at the front and the back. About navel height.
  • Cut a line up the centre back to about shoulder blade level. Pin the extra fabric in at the back in a pleat, so one side crosses over the other, and wrap the front over itself.
  • Use interesting pieces of textured fabric in squares or rectangles, (old curtains or bedspreads or just go to the fabric store&) draped over one or both shoulders and down the front of the body, stitch or pin in place. Look at the pics for inspiration. (Safety pins - not pointy ones!)
  • Wear them over a brown, green or grey pair of jeans-type pants, or even sweatpants, with long boots, or make wraps out of faux leather, vinyl or even flexible card, to cover short boots or shoes. These will need an oval shape as long as your calf, and slightly wider than the round-calf measurement. Wrap them and pin or use self-stick Velcro™ to fasten.
  • Use thin leather belts or cord if you want to belt your tunic.

Bows and Arrows:

  • If you cant borrow a real bow - a length of light flexible timber, even a sapling, about your height, notch the ends and tie some fishing line or thick twine onto it, pulling tightly to curve it. Paint brown.
  • Use a Post office packing tube cut in half painted brown and cut two slits to thread it onto a belt, sling it over shoulder and chest. Or make a cardboard quiver- rectangle of card 15-16" wide by 18" long. Bend into a tube, tape a circle of card into the bottom, and treat as for postpak.
  • Arrows- bits of doweling or straight sticks with cardboard fletching.

 == Naomi

Disclaimer:  Everything here is just provided to help you out as a suggestion.  .

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