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Making a Hair Patch for Feet or Shoes

If you do not have time to glue on hair every time, you could create a patch of hair that attaches on top of your feet and just needs to be glued down with a bit of sprit gum.  It will not be quite as perfect as just doing your own feet, but it will be question.

Here we present two very different option.  One is expense and time consuming but will give you an almost seamless swath of hair.  The other is quicker and less expensive but will still serve the same function.


Hair Lace - The insane way

Hair lace is a fine net that hair may be hooked into.  This is how the front of Legolas's wig is done... and you cannot see the seam line.  The technique is simple but it is time consuming and will drive your eyes crazy.  It literally is as easy as latch hooking a rug.  It's just done at the near microscopic scale... ok... just at the magnifying glass scale.

This is very time consuming and expensive.


  • Hair (preferably human)
  • Hair Lace (just enough for both feet)
  • Hair Lace Hook tool
  • Stationary Magnifying glass (or really good eyes)
  • Little curlers and styling gel (to curl the hair)
  • Spirit gum
  • Spirit gum remover

If you're going to this much trouble.  Your best bet would be to get real human hair so that it hold up longer.  The hair must be long enough to be double the length your need because you hold the hair  like an upside down "U" to hook it into the net.

All supplies except the curlers can be ordered at Wilshire Wigs:  but you'll have to e-mail since they are not on the main web.

The Pattern

Shape the piece so it lays flat against the area you want to cover.  If you need to take a tuck or a seam in the lace... try to do it in the center where the hair will be the thickest.  Don't try to run this lace up the bend in your ankle since you won't get it to lay straight.  You can make little cuts in the lace to spread it .  The netting will not ravel.  The lace should be about 1/2 inch wider than your final.

Hooking the Hair

Some folks like to pin the lace loosely to something, others like to hold it in one hand.  It's your own preference.

Hold the hook in your main hand.  Hold a small "U" of hair in the other.  The "U" should be upside down so you can hook the loop. 

Just like rug hooking, run the hook under one of the net square and back out.  Hook a hair or two, pull it under the net thread so the hair is threaded on the other side.  Push the hook thought the center of the hair loop and catch the back part of the hair.  Pull it though. That "knots" it though the loop of the hair so it is secure around the piece of net.

Where you want it thick you hook in 3 strands.  2 strands is the normal.  Use one for the edges and thin out to the side.

Example of the pattern here:


When you're done hooking the hair... much latter... style and cut it per Leah's article.

Spirit gum down the edges.  Stipple a bit of makeup to blend the edges.

Afterwards, remove carefully with with  spirit gum and a small stick... anything from tooth pick to an orange stick.  Clean your skin carefully.

== Cat

Latex Hair Patch

It's far easier to create a 'hair patch' by putting several coats of latex down over some aluminum foil and then implanting the crepe hair or wool into it while it's still wet. You then pull it free of the foil and you have a 'hairy patch'.

It can be made tougher by putting strips of gauze bandage, or that stretch lingerie fabric, into the first coat of latex. You then layer on many more
coats of latex. Allowing each one to dry thoroughly.

By the by, what latex stinks of is ammonia - so if you happen to be allergic to it - I'd advise avoiding it. 

Once the hair patch is done you can then pull it free and either attach it to your shoes or feet. With a fabric base you can use the patch as a flap over the closure of your shoe.

Note: Don't try to use those neopreme diver's shoes as a base. You cannot glue neopreme with anything but a very special (very nasty) glue. Plus the fact that basic neopreme seems to be a very dark grey in color.

== Fran E.

 Pictures in this section are by Carolyn.

For a slightly different version of building up the hair... working directly on her foot.   Check out information on her web site... scroll half way down the page.




Disclaimer:  Everything here is just provided to help you out as a suggestion.  .

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