Elven Hair
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Elven Hair

Just a few tips to help you out have those wonderful Galadriel hair of  curls and Arwen wonderful waves.

Also check out the character sections for each of the characters for more comments on their hair styles.

Making Those Elven Curls

Overnight Dry

  • Damp to wet hair must be French braided-pig-tail style (two braids) super-headache causing TIGHT.
  • Leave hair in braids until completely dry.
    • Depending on the thickness of hair it will be minimum of all day or even until the next morning
  • Unbraid hair-DO NOT BRUSH
  • Fluff hair with fingers and finger comb hair into desired style.
  • Warning: If you brush hair-you WILL have a frizz fest that cannot be reversed without destroying "curl"

Wet-Set quick dry

  • Braid wet hair into two French braids
  • Sit under an industrial dryer until hair is COMPLETELY dry.

I have personally done both non-permanent "curling" techniques with my dead straight hair and have had beautiful results that last 1-2 days with absolutely.

NO PRODUCT used during braiding.

The curls always look the best the first couple of hours before gravity starts to pull them straight.

== Lex

I would wholeheartedly recommend using a triple barrel curling iron to achieve this style.  I used one on my wedding day and at least I think the result looked very much like the hair of Arwen and Galadriel with the long waves http://www.freewebs.com/scrace/handfastingvows.jpg

(My hair doesn't quite look the same as theirs because it's shorter and very thick)

Using a triple barrel curling iron on your hair (not sure about a wig) can take a verrrrrrrry long time, but I think it's worth it!

And of course for a similar look but a lil less formal, couldn't you just braid the hair and wet it, etc, then take it out of the braid?

I don't see why you couldn't do this on a wig as well......


My hair is very long but also very straight and I have found a cheap and easy way of getting my hair to be wavy is to braid them when they are wet (8-9 braids all aroud my head) and to keep them like that all day or sleep on it.  You can also add a bit of gel or mousse for optimal results.


My excellent hairdresser showed me a way to get the Galadriel effect on my once-long hair. You zigzag-part the back and braid it in two tight French braids, allowing it to set overnight or during the day. Unbraid it and brush it quickly, then arrange it with your fingers.

== Corrie

I pulled up a piece on the top of my head about three inches wide from the rest of the hair.   From underneath that, I took a portion about an inch wide and brought it in front of the ear.   Then I simply just put the larger section behind my ear and under the rest of my hair.   I didn't secure it at all and it stayed pretty well by itself.   If you have naturally straight, or thin hair, you could use criss-crossed bobby pins right behind your ear.  


Wig Tricks for Curls

A caution on working with wigs.  The synthetic fibers have a low melt point, be careful.  If you get the wig too hot... you will have frizz or melted goo... and it's very easy to get it too hot.

I braided my Gladdy wig as it was bone straight.  It was a cheap wig from walmart.  All I did was braid it in about 8 sections and then I blow dried it.  The results were very good.

== dolfinna

The doll perm trick can be applied as well.  Braid the hair dry.  Dip in hot water for just a few moments then dunk in cold.  Carefully blot excess water and then let dry overnight.  Support the cap so it does not stretch out of shape.


Permanent Galadriel "Curls"

Have professional perm set with multiple French braids (similar to cornrows) instead of curlers and hair will have same Galadriel "Curl" not regular spiral curl.


Elven Braids



Dream Weaver Braiding's web has information on everything from herringbone to lace braids


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This page was last updated 04/22/08