5 O'Clock Shadow
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Making Aragorn's 5 o'clock shadow beard

It's simple to do. Old makeup trick. You simply stipple on dark brown makeup on your chin and upper lip and then powdered it down really well, probably twice.

To get the "hair" in the right place... look at a picture and see how the hair line is not straight across either the chin or cheek. Note it is darker in some spots.

To define:

  • Dark brown cream makeup
    •  Ben-nye, Cinema Secrets, etc. or in a pinch brown eyebrow cream (not pencil). You need a cream you can stick a sponge in.
  • Stipple sponge.
    • Black (it's the one w/ the larger pores)
    • During Halloween,  you may be able to get a tiny square at a party supply store, makeup supply store will have a bigger sponge that you can cut into pieces.
  • Face powder
  • Big powder puff
  • Powder brush

Stippling: Dab the sponge into the makeup pot, dab it onto the back of your hand first to blot off the extra, then dab (not rub) onto your face. Takes some practice to get it as "smooth" as you see on TV, but it's a real common technique.

Powdering down: Use a big puff to lightly apply powder to face. ZERO rubbing. Just dabbing again. Much powder. You'll think you're over powdering but you're not. Let set and soak up for a few minutes. Consider powdering again if you face isn't still full of powder. Let this set. With a big soft brush gently brush off the excess where it might be caking.

If, after you've powdered and brushed off your beard stipple, you still seem to feel that the powder is caked. Get a Sea Sponge. This is one of the small, ear shaped natural sponges that most places that carry makeup should have. Anyway, get it wet then squeeze it mostly dry and gently dab it over your face. It'll remove any caked powder and refresh your face without removing the makeup

It may still look like you have too much powder on. give it another 10-15 minutes and check again. You'll see it's OK. It may look extreme from 6" away but you want to think about how it will "read" from further away.

== Cat and Fran


LOTR Home | Patterns | Duct Tape Dummy | Make-up and Hair | Construction Tips | Definitions of Terms

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