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Elven Faces

Just a few notes on elven makeup.  Really very rough... just a few notes gathered.

See the color chart for Arwen on a new page

Ear Cheats

How to apply ears, and warning about doing stupid things to get the ear look.

  •  Full page <here>

Elven braids


Tips on Make-up from our group

Galadriel Face Colors

(These are also selected because I'm very pale)
  • Irridescent Borghese lipstick
  • i used prescriptives unmakeup in sheer creme, mixed with shimmering body lotion (personally i used Victoria's Secret's Moonlight Magic). It gave me an even paler skin tone, quite like the elves in the movie.
  • i used liquid eyeliner only on the top lid.
  • Prescriptives Plush Black eyelash plumping mascara to complete the "wide eyed" look.
  • I dusted Prescriptives The Magic phosphorescent powder over my face to add to the "ethereal" look.
All these products can be purchased at www.Gloss.com .  

== Lady Emrys

Elven Glow

A number of the higher end makeup companies have come out with products that will give you a very fresh elven glow.


Photogenic Power.  Ivorie was used on Arwen.

Perscriptions carries a number of products:

  • a shimmering clear base that is almost a moisturizer
    • This is best used when you're looking for a quick dewy shimmer and fix.  This is not going the whole way of using a base and doing detailed makeup.  If you put a lot of base and standard power on top of it, you will loose the shimmer effect.
  • a translucent power with extra glow. 
    • This is a very moist power with prismatic shimmer.  Great to power down on top of detailed makeup.  Apply heavily... then brush the excess away gently.  Great glow.
  • a translucent cream powder, in a compact. 
    • This can be used as a touchup... since it carries so well.  Be careful not to smear the base underneath when you apply it with a pad.

Hello Kitty

  • If you're going for a much brighter glitter, they carry a puff loaded with very fine glitter... either gold or silver.  It's overkill for an elf look, but in dim light at a party, it will add the glitter.

There are numerous other luminescent powders and glitters, just be on the lookout for them.

== Cat

Changing your face to match - Legolas example

The most important thing in making yourself up to look like someone
else is the distinguishing features of your face and the face of the person you wish to "become".

Orlando Bloom has very distinct  cheekbones and a square jaw. Low-lighting (ie: using a darker tone than you skin) your own cheekbones and jaw line to slightly alter their shape can help achieve this look, but remember that the darker the color you use for your lowlights, the more artificial your makeup will seem!

The important tip with this is to blend under the chin and down from the cheekbones once you make your lowlight lines where you want them.

Next, highlight the apples of your cheeks with a pale tone to bring them up and make them come forward .

As for his dark eyebrows. . . consider false eyebrows, if you feel your attempts to darken your own seem weird.  Most costume and makeup shops will sell ventilated hair pieces (meaning, they are made of crepe hair backed by a piece of lace,  thus, ventilated), and a small piece like a pair of dark, masculine  eyebrows would be fairly inexpensive. Otherwise, sharpen a dark brown eye pencil and draw many short hairs in the same way that a real  eyebrow would grow over your own brows.

Most of all, the best thing to do is look at lots of pictures of Orlando! Even look at some while you look in a mirror, and compare your faces; you'll see the differences and similarities, what needs playing up, and what needs the illusion of reshaping that way.


Changing your look to that elven look

This is what I've worked out so far on elven makeup (This one is mainly Arwen) but the techniques can be adapted to other elves:

The skin is pale and all one color, except for some scenes where Liv
has a faint blush above the cheek bone and in some scenes there is a faint blush on the nose as well. To get the pale skin, you should put foundation on and if need be, use cover up under your eyes (a yellow-toned one works well) to get dark circles to match with all the rest of your skin color. But, be weary of using facial powders, because they can easily cake up and make your cheeks look like powder puffs! LOL !

If you have dry skin, you can mix a facial cream with your foundation which can allow it to apply itself nicely without catching on dry skin cells, which can make it look extremely uneven.

You can use facial powders, but it would take away the 'dewy' shine
that the elves have. Mixing a blob of cream with the exact same size blob
of foundation can create this dewy look, and it can leave your skin nice
and soft without looking like you have tons of makeup on. But, if you
have really bad blemishes, you can use cover up, blend it in, and THEN use the foundation mixture. If you have really sensitive skin, try to find a
cream with no added perfumes, because creams with heavily scented perfumes can irritate your skin and GIVE you blemishes (and be extremely painful on broken skin).

If you have extremely oily skin, to get rid of excess shine, you can pat the T-zone (nose, forehead and under the hairline) with A LITTLE (and I say a little because a lot is bound to take away all the shine and cake up your skin) translucent powder.

To get the blushed look, apply a really light blush (maybe a really really REALLY light shade of brown or a reddish color depending on which color of hair you have and which color of costume you will be wearing) and feel free to experiment with all different colors to see which will look most natural on you.

Arwen's eyelashes are dark (it may be her natural dark color) but if you have blonde or really light eyelashes and you will have dark brown hair, you should try a thin coat of dark brown mascara (a really thin coat) and try to find a mascara which wont build up on itself and make your eyelashes really thick and long...remember we are going for a natural
look here. If you already have dark eyelashes and you want to make
them shinier or more defined, I suggest a clear mascara (which you can also use to shape your eyebrows). But be aware that some clear mascara ends up turning flaky and white after it dries. If you find the perfect mascara but it makes all your eyelashes stick together, take a toothpick or something like it, and separate them one by one while they are still wet.

Arwen has slightly puffy skin around her eyes, which makes her almost look like she has been crying. You can get a similar look if you line the inside of your bottom lid with white eyeliner.

To accent your eyes, you can also put a little bit of black eyeliner on the outside edge of the end of your eyes (the part farthest away from your nose) coloring the edge faintly between your last top and bottom eyelashes, in a kind of "cat" shape. If its done correctly, it can also accent your eyelashes quite nicely.

She appears to have a light shade of eye shadow (kind of a REALLY light shade of brown) which looks like it starts from the bottom of her lid to about just above where her eyelid creases when she opens her eyes. The shadow appears to follow the shape of her eye.

To go for the slightly reddish look in lips, you can buy "lip-stain' from some companies, which are like a dyed liquid in a bottle (which can also be used for blush). You can also find a pale lip liner with a reddish tinge to it, just a little redder than your natural lip color (so it still looks natural). After applying it lightly, use a medium shine lip gloss to add to the dewy effect. To get slightly pinker lips, do the same as before only instead of using red, you guessed it- use a slightly pinker shade. If your lips are already the shade you want them to be, just wear a medium shine lip gloss or balm.  Balm is pretty good because its not all goopy and it gives you the "just licked my lips" kind of natural look, without out being so shiny that it reflects a light from 10 miles away.

== Ash

Hiding your eyebrows

You may need to reshape for your elven look, so find out how to hide your eyebrows.

Contact samples for eyes

  • See our page comparing available contacts for elven eyes.

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