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Your Own Feet as Hobbit Feet

and Invisible shoes to protect you feet

== by Leah Jakusovsky

Using your own feet


"The rubber-feet thing just never looks right, and I'm no professional mold maker or makeup artist so I would just recommend that unless you are, you go with bare feet. If you have large feet, all the better! If you need to be outside you can wear beach thongs, try to get them with a slender strap pref. in a flesh color or close (like white or pink) so they show up less. (see more on this technique in Part II below.) Foot Hair: Purchase real human hair at a theatrical supply shop. Also you can use your own hair cuttings if long enough. Make sure its the same color as your own hair or a shade darker. If you are being a specific hobbit, you will need to match your false color or wig. Wrap the real hair sections around small curlers (Thumb width) and dry. (Waiting overnight or longer is best.) Use styling gel. Your hair sections will now be very curly. Brush the sections until they fuzz out and become an indistinct mass of hair.

(Do not use acrylic hair, doll hair, or acrylic wig hair. It will look fakey and does not take to this technique at all.)

Then, using spirit gum, paint the top of your foot and ankle with it. Wait three minutes for the spirit gum to become tacky. Wad up the hair mass and push it down on the top of your foot and ankle. This will be a tricky job, but press and place as best as you can. There will be too much hair, but after it dries a little, use a little pair of scissors to trim the hair mass down so that it is neat and closer to the skin surface. Trim the ankles especially so the hair tapers up the leg gradually. People will do a double take."


See more pictures and details <here>.

Check out Leah's complete web on making the Sam outfit at

Invisible Shoes


"Some times... it's No Shoes, no Service... or you just need protection for the soles of your feet.

Step 1:

Get the proper colored beach thongs. They can be spray painted a flesh or tan color if you want. I used a Tan vinyl paint I bought at the car shop for one pair, then a Black version for my own pair (since I was going to be standing outside in the dark for a Two Towers opening.......Black shoes made sense because they became invisible against pavement.)

Step 2:

Remove the straps and pull them all the way out of the holes - toss 'em.

Step 3:

Buy clear plastic craft lacing. Thread a large piece through both holes in back, and bring them around down into the front hole between your toes. Put your own foot in to test-fit. Tie large knots in the lacing underneath and hot-glue the knots, shoving the whole wad back in the holes to secure. For extra security you can then cover the taped hole on the bottom with strong duct tape.

What you end up with are thongs that have almost invisible straps across the top, so the realistic foot hair can be seen and enjoyed, even when going barefoot just isn't practical. Yes, the shoes themselves aren't completely invisible, but I think this makes a nice middle ground solution."


See pictures and more details on the shoes <here>

Check out Leah's complete web on making the Sam outfit at

Disclaimer:  Everything here is just provided to help you out as a suggestion.  .

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