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Artists & Artwork!

The artwork on this site is done by quite a large number of artists who work with us for just a picture or two... or have stuck with us though the years.  We love them to death because the core editors of this site can't draw a paper bag, little the less draw our way out of it. 

Our artists are a mix of pro and fan.  They work in different mediums and like doing different styles.

Any questions about the artwork, please write to .  Please do not use without permission.

(In the coming year, we'll be organizing and better acknowledge the artists in a more centralized place... but we still worship them even while getting organized.)

Our Lead Artist over the years

Chronological, by when they joined

Emily H

Her art is scattered throughout our site.  Both clothing breakdown drawings as well as illustrating character outfits and numerous graphics including our original LOTR Costume Needle and Ring

Deborah Ann Hayes

She has designed our mascot and drawn some of our hobbit clothing breakdowns.

Deborah works as a freelance character artist,  illustration, and graphic designer.  Contact e-mail: primmy_b at yahoo dot com


Mary H

She started by inking in our mascot in all his wild poses and has gone on to draw more art work for the site.


Other Artists

(just started - alphabetic)

Liz Glitz

Drew quite a number of our Arwen overviews.


One of our first moderators as well as contributing detailed art for both LOTR and Simplicity patterns


Hobbit obsession


Ranger obsession


If you've contributed art to this site and would like to be listed in this section, let us know.  It can be as little as your name, or some details and outside links to your artwork.


Da Cat - Our Mascot and Logo

From our site's beginning, there's been tigers running around the corridors and down the alleys.  Da Cat is his name... and while he's a bit beat up and battered he's absolutely committed to helping chase done every costume details with us, and will not give up.

Debbie H. (Primmy) has created a unique and lively mascot for us.  Mary H. has inked in da Cat giving him is wild look and helped bring him to life by drawing his toys. 

We've got all kinds of fun stuff at our Cafe Press store from t-shirts to costume note journals to  mouse pads. 


This page last updated 07/27/09