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Site Map

Summary for Alley Cat Scratch Costume

Search Us
Web All the Alley Cat Scratch web

Alley Cat Scratch Costume has grown into a giant group of webs with many hundred pages.  While we've tried to keep things clear and organized with our categories and menus, we've had to break things into manageable pieces and separate webs.  This summary should help your navigation a bit.  The bolded sites have many pages under them. 

bulletMovie Costume Study - *Web
bulletLord of the Rings Costume - *Web
bulletLOTR costume breakdown, by race
bulletMaking 'Em!
bulletThis is the meat of most of our how-to articles on costume and sewing techniques.
bullet Construction Tips
bulletmany pages under here to help on all types of costuming problems
bulletBuy It!
bulletwhile still LOTR centric, has numerous buying sources for all projects: fabrics, trims, leather and more
bulletQuick Costumes
bulletstill LOTR centric, but adding more all the time
bulletLOTR Resources
bulletlinks and articles for LOTR in depth research
bulletSite & Exhibit News
bullet Tolkien links
bulletOur Scrapbook
bulletPictures and dress diaries submitted by members with pattern and fabric tips.
bulletKing Kong Costume - *Web
bullet2005 Kong - costume documentation
bullet1933 movie - documentation started
bulletAlso links and references to the other movies - the section is just started.
bulletMaking 'Em Tips
bulletMovie Costume Resources and Links
bulletour master list of other places to look
bulletCostume Exhibits - *Web
bulletACS's exhibit galleries and reviews as well as links to other exhibits & list
bulletThe Art of Motion Picture Art & Design Exhibit at FIDM
bullet50 Designers / 50 Costumes
bulletFuture Fashion Design - *Web
bulletNew and information on any future fashion contests.  Rules explained.  Sample showcases
bulletFashion Figures - (Croquis) Use them to trace figures to create your designs
bulletHalloween in Los Angeles - *Web
bulletEvery major Halloween event we can find in LA, as well as a lot of eclectic fun ones. Broken out by section.  A huge hit every year.
bulletAlley Cat Scratch Base - *Web
bulletCostume Newsflash - latest costume info, including classes, new events  and website update
bullet Costume Events - for the Los Angeles Area
bulletlittle calendar of costume events in and around LA including exhibit, dances (any historic era up to and including swing), museum events, shopping, conventions, ren faires, etc.  Also includes links to more detailed calendar for specific types of events.  There's something going on almost every weekend!
bullet Los Angeles Garment District - Fabric Shopping
bulletTips about shopping in the LA garment district, as well as directions and suggestions.
bulletThe Masquerade Handbook - the art of the midsize masquerade
bulletHow to order the book
bulletAs soon as there's time, get at least section of the book up on the web.
bulletThe rest is just Cat's original play area before the movie costume and tips sections got out of hand...

Irish Wolfhound Links - Rescue Trusts and fun dog pic links

bulletPhoto Fantasy  - just pics
bullet Quick View Pics - some of Cat's projects
bulletThe Snow Queen
bulletBits of documentation on one of Cat's projects & examples of other Snow Queens
bulletCat's Old House - *Web
bulletJust a little web put up when selling the house.  left there for samples and for fun bits on faux paint and decorating.
bulletDemonstrates indexing as  well

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