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We're firm believers that information should be free... and we want to share it with everyone.  However, due to the high volume of traffic and the real world we've had to make a few compromises.  Hence you will sees adds on some pages, a few begging buttons, our logo store and related that will bring in a little bit  to keep the site running without restricting access to anyone despite their ability to pay.

Help us out!  Keep us running

    If we've helped you on costume research, please consider a donation to keep us going -- even if it is just $5 (that's less than the cost of a pattern). 

This is an all volunteer study group.  We run on donations.  We would love some help to defray the costs of maintaining this website.  Donations would help us continue to reach out... to help, to teach...and infect them with the Joy of Costuming.

Alley Cat Scratch Costume is an undesignated nonprofit organization operating under the Educational classification of the 501(c)3 code for unassociated corporations.  This means your donations can be tax deductible!!!

Cafe Press Store

We've got all kinds of fun stuff on Cafe Press.  T-shirts of all kinds along with other fun stuff from costume note journals to mouse pads.  Come celebrate your obsession with us.

You get to choose from 3 different poses of our mascot - da Cat.  Then you can choose either the logo or our other cats with some fun costuming quotes.  We've selected ALL kinds of sizes.  Click the samples of the artwork below to see the details or shop the store now.

No quotes with our logo but a number of the specialty items that come in 3 fun colors Quotes:
bulletCome chase costume details with us!
bulletClothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story. -- Mason Cooley
bulletSew many costume details, sew little sewing time!

Note: Cafe Press colors come out a bit different than show in the artwork.  A tad darker for the white shirts.  We use a more pastel blue for really dark items so the color shows since they use direct printing.

We keep our markup low so you can more easily enjoy sharing you costume obsession with an item from the store.  If you want any items in Cafe Press that you want and we don't have listed, just write da Cat and we'll add it for you.

Advertising on this site

This site is all volunteer run, so we take the easy way out.   All adds are done though Google Adds.  No exceptions.


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