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Cat's Corner on da Web

This page is now the starting point for Cat Devereaux's personal web site.  I'm now tucking myself into just a corner of my own website.  If you're looking for a little about me, here's where to dig.

Amazing how a few temporary links became a massive website, became a group gathering and teaching place... and are almost pushing me off my own site.  <G>  Ain't success grand???  I love it!  Wonderful accidents make new creations.

This area is going to be a bit rough for a while.  Everything else on my web have priority.  But, there's still a bit of fun and some nice links. 

Here you will find an eclectic mix of costuming, writing  and a bit of computer information with an irreverent twist.  If you know me, you know I refuse to let life get too serious, and this site will reflect it. However, that won't stop the content on from being  informative as well as educational. Drop by and explore often.

Other Worlds

Will take you to my favorite resources - a very electric mix from research to business to entertainment to whimsy.  A lot of these will be master link sites that have dozens of links of their own for you to explore.  Find worlds of costumes, Irish Wolfhounds, gaming, writing and more.

bulletCostuming - educational mega link sites, pictures, companies, etc. 
bulletIrish Wolfhounds - Rescue Trusts, official clubs, all about these dogs, wolfie pictures, major link sites as well as other animal stuff!
bulletWriting - Tools, products, meetings places.
bulletMiscellaneous links are at the bottom of this page.

I'm adding more as I have time.  However, I'm not going to hope to cover a fraction of the amazing sites out there. Instead I've picked among my favorites. The links are beginnings, whether you are looking for information or entertainment. Many of these items will provide you with massive sets of links to research start points and great indexes..

Photo Fantasy

If you want to check out some fun costumes, this is where to head.  Photos first in the Quick View Gallery, then articles to follow.

House for sale web example

I didn't have my house for long, but I did have fun decorating my house... ok, I approached it more as costuming a house... but what the heck.  It's fun to check out.

For those are you just interested in home sales, check out the web to see how to spice up you home for sale.   (I consult on both house staging and sales web layout.)

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Personal home page for Cat Devereaux.
Last updated 07/27/09