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Pattern Suggestions for King Kong Costumes

We're just putting up the basics now.  In many cases even modern clothing can be adapted.

Ann Darrow

General notes:

Look for 1930's style patterns for most.  However, the 2005 Interview Coat, with it's squared shoulders, has a 40's look.

Check out Past Pattern's 1930's patterns: .  Tops, skirts, etc

For shirts, or the lower half of the dresses for both 1933 & 2005, our favorite pattern is from Past Patterns.  It's 603, "New Style" Skirts.  The pattern has two version.  Both are form fitted down the hips.  One version is flared, the other has pleats.

This is a very good fit.  Will need to be lengthened in some cases

For 1933 Streets of New York, this 602 "New Style" Jacket from Past Patterns is the best we've found in look for shape.  Mix with the 603 pleated 6 part shirt..

To fix, you'd need to change the darts to princess seams, make it double breasted and alter the collar... But still the look is closer than modern patterns.


Adventure dress

2005 & 1933 - Use the top of Folkwear's Sporty Forties and narrow the skirt with a 30's pattern like Past Pattern's 603 .  The yoke is different, but again, you'd get the "feel".

Slips and unmentionables

Tap pants:  Past Patterns has a fancy set 6234



Beauty Dress

Vogue 2745 - it's only vaguely close, but it really comes close to the right silhouette.  It has the bust cups, a bias cling and an asymmetrical hem.  The shoulders would be easy to gather.


In a lot of cases, just adapt thrift store vests and suits

An adventure's outfit.  Adaptable for a lot of the men's Island wear: Folkwear's Australian Bush Outfit

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