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King Kong Costume is part of Alley Cat Scratch Costume.  We're devoted to research and recreation of costumes.  We love details and love to infect new folks.

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No, we do not sell costumes.


No, we will not send you to anyone who will sell you an unlicensed prop or a costume.


For help with your costume join our Yahoo community at F-Costume

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Feel free to link.   Because Alley Cat Scratch  has over 800 pages, we often have folks doing deep links instead of our Home page.   No problem.  We recognize that folks have interest in specific characters and we're setup for these links.

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This is a new site and just getting started.  However, the folks at LOTR Costume have helped out


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King Kong Costume is a research site of Alley Cat Scratch Costume.  It is run and maintained by volunteers for educational purposes only.  We are not affiliated with the studio or production companies in any way.   Use of artwork, promotional material and text falls under Fair Use.  We follow Copyright guidelines for all photos, artwork and text appearing on this site. Original authors maintain their copyright for all photos, artwork and text.  Additional original material is copyright 2006 by Alley Cat Scratch Costume. Please contact the webmaster with any problems at .     Check out the official King Kong web site for lots more information and images.