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Interview Trench Coat

This wonderful coat is the center piece of Ann's costumes in New York.  It's crisp and fresh, not a bit bedraggled.  She does not look like a starving thread-bare actress in this coat... but the "perfect size 4" to be the star of Carl's movie.

Terry Ryan's inspiration for Naomi Watts' look? "A pretty fabulous photo of Jean Harlow playing tennis and wearing a cashmere trench coat," he says. "It's such a classic look."


bulletScene Summary
bulletCoat Description

Scene Summary

Basic outfit:

bulletHer elegant camel toned wool coat tied tight until dinner
bulletLight blue "V" necked top with ruffle
bulletMed blue jacket, unstructured
bulletHer skirt is the long blue skirt she wears in all scenes until she boards the ship.  I
bulletHat is her high grey cloche with grey bow
bulletShoes are the same grey suede heels she wears though the NY scenes
bulletBrown alligator purse

When eating dinner, she sheds her coat.  See detail <here>.

When she exits the taxi, she also carries a suitcase

bulletSmall battered brown suitcase.

Research Pictures

(this row, highest rez pics)

Can see the decorative stitching on the belt and the top stitching seam finish on the  inner arm.

Good clean shot of the top stitching on the collar.  Note how well the collar stands by itself. Note the underside of the coat collar.  Wide rows of stitching.  Also note how cleanly the sleeves are tailored in.
Walking towards the apple stand, see the full length of the coat and that is is actually fairly narrow. Getting out of the cab... stare close that the lower sleeve, you can just make out the rows of stitching and buttons on the lower sleeve. Shows an ultra-clean tailoring of the wool.  Beautiful workmanship.
Walking towards the apple stand, see how the upper cuff blouses up out of the lower sleeve. Coat ties in front.  Two big pockets.   
See purse.  Light is causing a weird reflection Another angle on the purse  

Tailoring Details

A look at both sleeves Sketching showing the inserts...  Dotted line is actually an opening,  There are no button holes.  Are buttons just decorative, or are there loops?

Red shows where main sleeve is pleated in.  The two lower pleats. it's obvious which direction they're going; the other two, need more study.

Can see there is no sleeve seam here. The buttoned panel in an insert, pleated in
Sleeve tailored insert Lightened to pop out buttons,  Looks like 8 unless there's something on the very top - but don't think so
From the looks the the detail, the stitched decorated sleeve is an insert piece.  Not sure how far around the arm it goes Blurry detail of buttons and stitch decorated insert on the cuff.
Good detailing of the inner arm sleeve detail  
Large welt pocket  

Coat Description

bulletBeautiful woolen trench coat (probably cashmere )
bulletFabrics are lined and heavily interlined to give such clean lines
bulletCoat Pattern
bullet4 main pieces, center wrap closure
bullet3/4 length
bulletLong Sleeves with insert
bulletTop sleeve is a tad full.  Probably just doesn't taper from the upper arm.
bulletThere are a pair of decorative stiff panels inset into the lower sleeve area.
bulletThere are four pleats that tuck in the fabric of the upper sleeve.
bulletThe panels are very stiff, thick and lined.
bulletLarge buttons run all the way up the lower sleeve as do decorative top stitching lines
bulletbuttons are self covered. looks like 8
bulletcannot tell if buttons just sit on top or if there are loops.  However, given the way they sit... the guess is decorative.
bulletThe inner seam of the collar is pressed open and top stitched on both sides.
bulletHigh peaked collar
bullettop stitched all around.
bulletunder collar has rows of stitching.
bulletLong tie belt. 
bulletAprox 3" wide. 
bullet7 rows of decorate stitching down the entire length
bulletBelt loops on the side
bulletTwo large double welt pockets under the belt.
bulletNotes on how to make a welt pocket from Diy Network

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