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Working in Vaudeville

We first see Anne working as a comic in a vaudevillian theater.  She a a comic.  One actor among the many.  Still she shines.

Vaudeville Tux

She wears a tux as she does her acrobatic act.  It's crisp, but has a bit of a fun look to it.  The crisp shirt helps with the feel of elegance.

Can see both the front and back in this shot.   

Basic description

bulletDark tux coat
bullet??? Not sure if it's black
bullet??? Not sure if it's a cut away with tails or standard coat
bulletDark trousers with a subtle stripe
bulletDouble breasted vest, brown stripe
bulletWhite long sleeved shirt, pressed and precise
bulletdetachable starched wing collar w/ gold studs. Very crisp.
bulletStuds close shirt and cuffs also (a guess right now, but goes with a detachable collar.)
bulletDark maroon cravat with small yellow flecks
bulletSuspenders, stripe pattern down the center
bulletDerby hat

Theater Robe (?)

In the pick-up shooting, there is a scene of Ann at a dressing mirror in a wrap around robe.  Her hair is in disarray.  the only two places we see her at a dressing mirror or here or just before the By-by Blackbird numbers.  There her hair is styled... so we assume that these shots are from a cut scene in her old theater.  Then again, because they're behind-the-scenes shots, she could just be rehearsing the scene with a robe over the actual outfit... but until we know... here are the pics.

Any guesses anyone???

Sleeves are tight enough to roll up Cross over, waist tied robe

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