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Cloche Hat

Ann wear a sleek cloche hat the morning she finds out the theater has been closed and as she goes seeking a new job - interviewing first with a Broadway producer, considering the burlesque house for a moment and then when she meets Carl.


bulletHat Description
bulletHat Making Tips



Hat Description

With all the color grading, it's hard to tell the true color.  In the film it shows up various shades of grey... but then we also see it cream when a few other photos are lightened.  Grey is probably the safest.

This is a shaped hat and it looks like the brim is just more of the fabric shaped below the crown.  There's a slight chance it is a separate brim, but it doesn't appear to be given that the pleat goes all the way to the edge.

Ann's hat has a beautiful texture.  It is assumed that it is high quality hat felt.  The dome of the hat is shaped with a pleat on the right side. 

The only decoration is a grosgrain ribbon tied in a simple bow at the peat point.  Note the ribbon looks to be machine stitched down at top and bottom.

Hat Making Tips

Cloche hats were popular in the 1920's and 1030's.  There is quite a bit of information out on the web about making hats.  This hat is simpler than most because it has no brim.  However, it must be molded.  Given it's high brim and unique fold on the side, it's not likely that you can find a match in the stores.

Good starting points for research:

bulletCostumer's Manifesto has a great set of links on how to, both web pages and books
bullet http://www.costumes.org/HISTORY/100pages/hats.htm#How%20To
bulletVintage Sewing Info has web posted books from the 20's and 30's that will give you some tips as well. (recommended if you're serious about hat making.)
bulletMillinery -1925
bullet The New-Way Course in Millinery and Hat Design - 1928

Supply Lists

bullet http://www.costumes.org/HISTORY/100pages/hats.htm#Supplies

Craft Felt Shortcut

Millinery felt can be hard to locate and is expensive.  Here's a great tutorial for a cheat from Tara: http://www.costumes.org/advice/costcraftsmanual/tmpjk10.htm .

Ann's cloche hat does not have a brim so you can leave off that step, but you're still going to want to stitch in a strip of grosgrain ribbon to help the hat keep it's shape.  Don't just depend on the outside ribbon. 

Also, the fold will make stretching the hat over the form a lot easier. since you don't have to even it out, just tuck the excess.  You may have to trim part of the inside tuck away to get the hat smooth.

Share your hat stories with us...

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