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City Streets Outfits

Version 1.2 - 2/14/06

Ann is in two quick scenes outside the theater.  Both her costumes are basically the same outfit.  Her coat dominates her look and we only see glimpses.  On this page, we will document the basic changes of her outfit and the basics she wears in New York - skirt, shoes, etc.


bulletScene summaries
bulletEnd of the work day
bulletClosing the theater the next morning
bulletJob Interview
bulletShort Sleeve Sweater Description
bulletDark Blue Working Skirt Description
bulletGrey Shoes and Stockings
bulletBlue Slip
bulletBrown Handbag

Scene summaries

End of the work day

bulletHer elegant camel toned wool coat close tightly against the air.
bullet??? Top - unknown
bulletHer skirt is the long blue skirt she wears in all scenes until she boards the ship.
bulletThe looks is finished off with a grey knit barrette
bulletShoes are the same grey suede heels she wears though the NY scenes

Closing the theater next morning

bulletHer elegant camel toned wool coat it open to show a sweater
bulletA long scarf is wrapped under the coat collar.
bulletSoft knit
bulletStripes of blue camel and cream
bulletThin cream(?) short sleeve sweater with a diagonal rib
bulletHer skirt is the long blue skirt she wears in all scenes until she boards the ship.  I
bulletHat is her high grey conch with grey bow
bulletShoes are the same grey suede heels she wears though the NY scenes

Job Interviews

bulletHer elegant camel toned wool coat tied tight until dinner
bulletLight blue "V" necked blouce with ruffle
bulletMed blue jacket, unstructured
bulletHer skirt is the long blue skirt she wears in all scenes until she boards the ship.
bulletWorn with light blue slip
bulletHat is her high grey conch with grey bow
bulletShoes are the same grey suede heels she wears though the NY scenes

Short Sleeve Sweater

This set of pics are all behind the scenes shots... so don't expect to see Ann just in sweater and skirt in any scene.

Best shot of the sweater.  Compare color to the t-shirt behind that should be white Good detailed of the ribbed neck.  You can see the pearl button.


bulletThin cream(?) sweater with a diagonal rib
bulletThe sweater shoots "light cream" but it's obviously had some color treatment to have it show up right in the film.  Depending on the shot we see it as a mistly blue wash, a lavender wash... just not completely neutral. Yet, in the film it does show up as a neutral tone.  The washes are probably just to keep the pattern from washing out when shot on camera.
bulletShort sleeves, set in.  Appear to be hemmed under, instead of finished with a rib edging.
bulletBottom edge is ribbed.  ???  About 4 inches
bulletIf pulled down and not bloused, looks like it would fall to lower hit, but as worn, sits just above mid hip
bulletAsymmetrical turned back ribbed collar. 
bulletOpens on left side front just enough to pull over.
bulletFastens with a pearl button.


bulletAdditional photos from BtS shots of the New York set may be found at the Kong Is King website.
bulletMany thanks to for sharing with us

Dark Blue Working Skirt

This skirt is worn by Ann with separates for the first part the the movie, until she boards the ship.

These photos are BtS shots on the NY set.  She's wearing the sweater with the skit

Note, there is a full length flared slip under the skirt.

Skirt is not extremely tight.  Allows her to take a regular stride. Note how smoothing it fit around the hip, let how the bottom flutes out. Yoke is about 2" on side, 4" at center. Top stitched up, about 1/16  Hem 2"

A preliminary description of her working skirt.

bulletDark navy blue, color confirmed at FIDM 2006 exhibit.
bulletMedium weight crepe, unknown fiber.   Very soft
bulletSkirt is tight fitted at the waist with a yoke, flowing smoothly over the hips, ending with a bit of flair about 3" above her ankles.
bulletYoke is top stitch about 1 /8
bulletTo get this slightly ruffled hem, there's a good chance this skirt is cut in six pieces, i.e., instead of darts in the front and back, the seams go all the way down allowing the bottom 6" to be flared out extra.
bulletAt exhibit... only center seam was confirmed... need to check for other seams
bulletHem: 2" deep

Grey Suede Shoes and Stockings

Ann wears these grey suede shoes though the New York scenes when she's not in costume.  The shoe is elegant with a cutout pattern on the side and had not been aged very much.

  We can't seen much of the back of the leg... but no where do we see stocking seams.
Close up as she steps onto the Venture.  Note wrinkle of hose at ankle and the heel of the hose. Circle shows heel.  Arrow shows proof of the hose.   Nylon was just being invented, but silk was still used for stockings.

While these stocking do show a heel, witch is unusual for modern stockings.  We do not see a seam up the back... or do we see her wearing stocking when she's running around the Empire State building.

Assumption... she wear pantyhose with the dresses, at least in NY.  While even on a sea voyage, a "proper" woman would have worn stockings, we cannot tell if she wears stocking on the ship.

Blue Slip

The slip is never seen in the movie... but makes sense from a 1920's garment position.  At exhibit, it can be seen, under the navy skirt and seen under the medium blue jacket..

Fabric... same as the blouse, the light blue, light weight, but opaque crepe.  Fiber content unknown.

Pattern?  From seeing it under the jacket we know that the slip  is very low in the back, square cut with spaghetti scraps.  Approximately bra band level.  In the front it has to be a "V" to fit under the ruffled blouse with out showing.  Do not know if the front is cupped or  it slips over the head vs. side zipper.  The slip is about one 1" shorter than the skirt.  Finished by a raw serge, narrow edge like the ruffles.  Bottom is flared.  Hip has to be form fitting to work under the kirt.

It is assumed that this slip is worn anytime the navy skirt is worn.

Brown Handbag

Ann carries a brown handbag. It is trimmed in a brass toned metal trim.  After having seen it in person at the FIDM 2006 movie display, it leather looks to be a vintage bag.

bulletThe leather is naturally toned (light golden brown) alligator skin.
bulletRectangular, opens on top with brass hinged, plain brass clasp, brass edging and large jump rings for the handle.
bulletLeather handle.  Also alligator leather, smaller pattern than the purse body.  Cracked, showing wear.
bulletSmall tab, also alligator leather sewing on the front.  Don't know if it is just decorative or if it's a tiny pocket.  Guess, decorative.
Can see the size of the purse here.  Leather appears darker.  
Basic purse silhouette. This drawing of the alligator leather is to just covey a sense of the skin size.  Not meant to be an actually representation.


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