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Lumpy the Cook

Andy Serkis gets double "face" time, both as King Kong and Lumpy the cook.  This versatile actor doesn't have a lot of lines, but he's in the background reacting to situations and fighting with great enthusiasm right alongside the leads.  His expressions tell a lot.... but his grimy costumes speak volumes about his cooking.  BTW, he i also the barber, doing both at the same time!

He has just one outfit and not a lot of layers.

BtS shot, on the "log" At the gate.  He is still wearing his long leather apron.  On his left side, is the large 2 foot sheath that carries his massive knife.  It's about 6" wide and a foot and a half long.  Kills bugs really well.... almost.
A face only a gorilla could love????

Good look at both the earring and the cord of his necklace.  The neck tattoo is there, but it's hard to see but you can see the shape and placement.  The fish is nose down, tail up and curved towards face.

His backpack.  Note the handle of a skillet sticking out of it
Blurry shot, but you san see the outline of his undershirt's neck and neckband.  
Tattoo on his arm is a simple line sketch of Jesus on the cross.  The wrist is the bottom of the cross and near his elbow there is a halo of V's. Slightly different enhancement of the tattoo

Lumpy wears a dirty 3/4 length fuzzy knit shirt and grey(?) trousers.  He has a long leather apron that he wears even on shore.

bulletAt least 3 tattoos: (see descriptions above
bulletCrucifixion cross on his right forearm
bulletNasty looking parrot on his left forearm
bulletFish on his left lower neck. 
bulletThere are probably others, but we never see them.
bulletNecklace:  Large 2" shark tooth on a thin braided leather brown leather cord.
bulletOne inch silver hoop is worn on the left ear.
bulletCap: kaki flat cap.  Very aged. Worn to one side.
bulletCigar is almost always there, including when cooking.
bulletScruffy beard is required.

See more pictures on Andy Serkis' website:

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