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Community Links

We are just working on costumes for Lord of the Ring.  However, there are many, many sites out there that cover many aspects of the J. R. Tolkien's books and the worlds he created.  Whole communities have evolved.  Here are just a few of the main ones for you to explore and expand your knowledge of his world.

Community Links Index


Non-Costume LOTR Community

  • Mythopoeic Society
    • "An international literary and educational organization for the study, discussion, and enjoyment of fantasy and mythic literature, especially the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Williams"
  • The One Ring .net
    • Our favorite for the ultimate site for Lord of the Rings news.  They have a daily news section that covers everything and anything even vaguely related to LOTRs.  

Misc extra pics

Thank  you to Lisa for the links.

Various groups and websites for costume/clothing related LOTR


Note... there are many groups that do LARP (Live Action Roll Playing).  Google for those, there are hundreds and are geographically related so we don't list those here.

Sim Skins for LOTR Costumes

Cross-stitch patterns

If you would like to add to our links, please contact us at

Launch points to more movie costume discussion

We can't make LOTR Costumes all the time.  Looking for more movie costume info?

We've moved our costume links over to our Movie Section

OK... and if you're going... where are all our LOTR Costume links... check out our Research Links

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