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Web Research Links to LOTR Costumes 

Costumes from the movies can be researched in many ways.  What is presented here are links we've found on the web that will really speed up your costume research.  Each site has it's own pro's and con's.  Combine them all together for a great resource.  (See our sorting of the picture links in Characters.)

Also check out the articles we've found on the web at our Web Articles page.

Link groupings:

The official movie site:

Line Cinema's official web site's has a moderate collection of images.  These images are smaller than many out on the web, but resolution and contrast are top quality.  They are grouped by location.   

For official information and text:

You can get to the main costume information from film>>production >> (use right arrow in web menu to scroll) >>costume. Lots of good stuff to read about all aspects of the production there.

For official pictures:

There are quite a few small pictures in the Gallery section. Note: the thumbnail does not show the whole picture, you must open it to see all. (To get the actual link, you need right-click to save the link to favorites on your browser first.)  The main characters can be seen better in the Download section. Look at both desktop and screen savers.  Great portraits. The screensavers are big downloads. Use the preview option to look and see if it's worth it.

There is a special New Line web site that has the official photographs for a number of the studio's upcoming movies.  It takes a while to download the pages, but it's quite worth it.


Most of the exhibit info and pictures are now kept in our News section.

Casa Loma Costume and Prop Exhibit

There was a magnificent exhibit of costumes  and props from Lord of the Rings in Toronto at Casa Loma in December 2001.  People in our group have scoured the web for pics.

I haven't merged everything together... but go over to our news section and find our exhibit info and pictures.

Some of of the sites have given us permission to use their photos.  Some have allowed us to enhance or modify, others have asked us to not change them.  Either way, we are very grateful for the use here.  Costume pictures from these site our on our web split by character.

Below is a link with a large photo shoot of the exhibit. The only problem is, the thumbnails are too small to tell what's what without openings them.  Most of these have been referenced throughout the web in the <Character> section.

General note: I like exhibits because you get to see costumes under a different light and from a different angle than what is offered in the movie. 

Picture Perfect :

English language general sites:

Foreign language general sites:

Why include these after all the wonderful English language site???  Copyright law is enforced differently overseas, or downright ignored.  They have a lot more pictures than the US sites that mostly work from PR and fair-use clauses.

  • Herr der Ringe
    • German site has a wonderful photo gallery. Fairly easy to understand and navigate.  Photos are very well organized. Close up are under the actors names in character photos (Charakterfotos). Wider shots (that may give more costume clues) are under locations and film crew. Watch for the "next" arrow at the bottom 2to catch the extra pages of photos.    Variable resolution.
  • Fantasy Planet
      • (Currently down... we're hoping they will be back up after the flood cleanup in done is central Europe.)
    • Unorganized images but thumbs big enough to see. Over 1000 images.  Images are latest first, so it's a good place to check for the latest.
    • Also has artwork, medium to good resolution, variable load time.
    • Probably almost every image is here, but good luck finding it.
  • Namodro
  • Numemoreen
    • French site, some high rez images, different than most.  Feature the witch kings.  Organized nicely by character.  Slow load. but well worth it.
  • Billeder
    • Danish site, high quality screen caps.  Many pics we're seeing on other sites seen to come from these.
      •   - titles though Elrond's council.
      •   - Elrond's council though arrival at Lothian
      •    Lothian though title sequence
  • Legolas z Mrocznej Puszczy - Legolas of Mirkwood    
    •            (ip)
      • Polish site, quite a collection of the rarer Legolas pictures
      • Slow, but a good place to go for Legolas images.  Unique items not found elsewhere.
  • Il Signore della Rete

Fan Sites, often for specific characters:

There are lots of gems to be found in the sites devoted to specific characters or actors.  Their focus is more refined so something it will be easier to find what you are looking for.  One warning, these sites are often often on free or basic hosts.  They are slower loading in some cases and/or may have bandwidth blackouts.

Licensed Vendor Sites:

We're just listed a few of the official licensed sites most related to costumes and props.  For the whole list go to the official site:

Artist & Crew Sites:




If you find more useful links, please contact us and let us add them:

Remember, never use just one source if you are really trying to get the details right.

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