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Press Bits

Ok, this feels a bit silly, but friends teased and said to start this page on any press we get.  It's just for vanity, but fun... and a bit weird after keeping such a low profile on the site the first year of it's existence.

For now,  just in most recently found...

BBC Web Guide - Northern Ireland

Dec 17, 2003: We made their web pick of the week for the ROTK Opening with just the official site and McKellen's LOTR diary .  (not sure if the link will stay.

BBC NewsRound

The BBC did a "Rings Website Review".  They reviewed less than a dozen sites.  We made the list and got 4 out of 5 rings as a rating.  December 16, 2002.

Interestingly, their fav was our Quick Costume section

"Best bit: Quick Costumes - how to become Legolas with a bathrobe and a metallic marker pen!
"Orc's overview: A fabulously-researched site with tips on how to recreate the amazing costumes from LOTR on a tight budget."

AOL Time Warner Keywords:

December, 2002.  Ye old web editor and TORn's  webmaster  get interviewed for the Time Warner company newsletter in advance of TTT coming out.

See page 3, "Elvish Impersonators: Sharing the Hobbit".

"We're occasionally obsessive, but I'm having a blast"

Penguin Palace - Flippersmack, issue 32

"One Ring to Bind Them, a look at LOTR Fandom".  Less than a dozen sites get mentioned.  we made the cut.

Not really much mention, but we're getting noticed in the wider world" "Crazy in-depth site on how to create LORD OF THE RINGS costumes"

Making the Short List

The Alameda County Library in California has us on their very short list of Hot Topics: Middle-earth News.  One of a half dozen.

Claremont College has includes us on their resource list

If you find a review of us out there, please write to and share the link.

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