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Pippin's Knit Costume Pattern

Version 1.1 - February, 2003

Closest color match, from NM  
Pattern, coloring washed out.  In these pictures you can see it is a variegated yard, not a number of different yarns as some proposed.  (Follow the yellow... see how it drifts down in the pattern.) Hound's tooth charted diagram

by Elizabeth McCrary (Emc^2)

General Description

Knit in the tubular faire isle technique.   The ground yarn is blueish grey, and the pattern yarn is a variegated in shades of brown/rust in the movie, but in person the scarf becomes vibrant with the hones tooth of purple, burnt orange and olive green.   The pattern is a hound's tooth check.

It is a probably a machine knitted tube.  There appears to be a seam up the back of  the scarf. Most machine knit flat--especially if you're doing a fair isle design.  Fair Isle (for you non-knitters out there) leaves "float" (lengths of yarns where you carry from one design area to the next) which a) look messy, and b) snag on things.  So it would make sense to knit a scarf twice as wide as you need it and then sew it into a tube (and add fringe).

There's a short fringe at each end, attached with lark's head knots and let dangle.  This same grey yarn is used for the fringe, which closes the ends of the tube.

Details on making the scarf

Chose something that will give you about 26-28 stitches / 4 inches (10 cm)  on 3.5mm/no. 3 needles.  The background (blank squares) is a heathery grey, and the pattern (X) is a variegated yarn shading from light tan to dark rust.

Knit six or seven repetitions of the pattern (8 stitches wide) to the length you need minus the fringe.  Sew the sides together and turn right side out, creating a tube and centering the seam on the back side.  Using about 8-10 inch lengths of yarn, create a fringe using lark’s-head knots across both ends (closing the tube) and alternating grey and variegated yarn.

==Elizabeth McCrary (Emc^2)

How to add fringe:

Crochet instead of Knitting

Afghan stitch works well for gridded patterns, and is fairly easy to change colors on.  You pull the new color through the stitches on the hook; it's therefore hidden inside the body of the stitch.  You carry the yarn you're not using along the bottom of the stitches in the other color.  Find a book on afghans (natch!) and it'll probably have the explanation with illustrations.

*However*, you'd need to work pretty small stitches for Pippin's scarf, none of this 3-5 to the inch stuff...  Use a _much_ smaller hook and finer yarn. (On the other hand, you also would not need to make a tube, since your edges will be much more 'finished' than knitting would be.)

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