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Pippin's Fellowship Outfit

(check out more information and pictures under Fellowship Hobbits)

(high rez pic here) (high rez pic here)
  Detailed shot on the sword. Can see that it too has a turquoise pommel.
Cloak fabric  
Front of Pip's shirt is machine embroidered.  These stitches can be found on a number of machines.  The outer edges and holes in the fabric  edges are made with a wing needle.  The embroidery threads are thicker than standard threads.

Thread colors, diamond is turquoise.  Alternating rectangles are goldenrod.  First wing stitch straight stitch is golden rod. Outer row is turquoise.

Shirt button, note small x same button, enhanced
  See our page on the scarf pattern <here>.

Quick Description

  • Dark olive green corduroy trousers,
  • X-back button suspenders/braces, probably pockets but unknown
  • White  shirt (4 sets of colorful machine embroidery down the center front), 4 flat-topped shank buttons, maybe a 5th on the collar, band collar, shirt is mid-thigh length w/front & back tails, 4" wide cuffs come onto the back of the hand, sleeve seems to have unusually large sleeve cap/upper arm
  • No vest!
  • Green sack coat, 3 buttons, two patch pockets, back belt, cuff "belts"
  • Green/purple /grey patterned scarf
  • Rust hooded cloak closed with a metal clasp



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