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Pippin's Gondorian Military Garb

There are two variations.  What he wears during the battles and the more formal wear he returns home in. 

Exhibit pictures show the formal version




Just a quick list of items right now

  • Cloak
    • Fellowship cloak with returned leaf brooch warn part of the time
    • When returning home, he wears a black cotton velvet cloak.
      • Yoked section is quilted and laces with 4 sets of lacing grommets.
      • Stand up collar
      • Half circle attaches to the yoke
      • Trim around bottom edge and around front up to yoke.
      • Line in dark red/back shot taffeta.
  • Black velvet surcoat with the silver tree and stars - although not in the same pattern that Faramir and Aragorn have!
    • sleeveless with silver edging. No edging around the neck edge, which I can't make out.
      • Surcoat goes below the knee but above his trousers
  • He's got at least maille sleeves
    •  (dunno if it's more of a shirt than that, Boromir's wasn't)
  • Vambraces
    • Leather, carved, decorated with gold
  • Sleeves
    • Hint of a long sleeved, grey shirt under the vambrace (look at his far hand).
      • It's possible that they did some cheats like with Boromir and he has grey sleeves attached under the mail sleeve
    • Formal version has long quilted sleeves.  Quilted in a diamond pattern.  Fabric is a red/black shot silk taffeta.  Same as cloak lining
  • Gloves, and sword on a  belt.
    •  It appears he is wearing a double wrap belt, with a diamond shape buckle. Or rather, it's almost Christmas tree shaped. The belt appears to ride high on his hips and angle down to the buckle, so that each wrap of the belt around his waist comes into the buckle at an angle.
      • Think of the belt wraps making an X at the buckle, and you will see what I mean. The sword appears to be attached to the lower belt wrap on the left hip, but there may be an attachment on the upper level wrap as well, to support the sword better. -Garfeimao
  • Likely has his usual trousers with it but the pic doesn't go below the waist to it's hard to tell.
  • I can't see any buckles on his near side like Faramirs, and I can't tell the shape of the neckline
  • Possibly two layers of black happening above: one being the fancy surcoat and another obscuring the neck and the armhole which doesn't look as grey as the sleeve.

Open Questions:

  • What is the neckline of the surcoat, and how long is it?
  • Are the maille sleeves and grey sleeves a "cheat" like Boromir's?
  • Is there another layer between the surcoat and the maille?
  • Is he wearing his usual trousers?

- JB Brower & Cat

Pippin in Armor, FIDM 2004.  Photos by Secret Elf (or high rez here)  
(or high rez here) (or high rez here)  
    Belt buckle
  tree on Pip's surcoat.  Machine embroidered in white satin stitch.  
Gauntlets and cuff   Cuffs
side view Sword  
  Quilted sleeve, lightened Sleeve close to original color and edge of gauntlet
Cloak Yoke of black cotton velvet   Two different enhancements of the trim.
Lining, note each are hemmed separately Black wool hobbit length trousers  



  • As an aside, anyone aspiring to recreate this black maille, there are several ring materials that would work (besides anything involving spray paint, which is icky and flakey and should never be mentioned in the same sentence as maille):
    • annealed steel: is only marginally black (more dark grayish) but relatively cheap and authentic and all that. Has dark rub-off.
    • black anodized aluminum: very light in weight, a good glossy real black. Somewhat expensive, but no rub-off.
    • severely abused galvanized steel: again, more of a charcoal but very cheap to come by. Regular galvy is turned into this color by moisture, body chemistry or chemical treatment...peroxide is popular. Don't treat your galvy indoors, don't breathe in the fumes and try to wear a mask. The fumes released in this process are nasty, nasty stuff. Finish can come off and become silvertoned again with prolonged wear, durability is a concern.
    • neoprene (rubber), not your obvious choice, but this is available in a matte black. Closed rings only, so this can only be used in combination with rings that do open. Applications: mostly things that should stretch a little but keep their shape. Makes tighter neck holes, cuffs etc. In mundane wear this is quite popular for maille watch bands (no buckle/clasp needed).
    • coated rings: there are several coatings you could think of. Most powder/paint coatings don't work for maille (the rings would stick together) or don't hold up to the weaving or wear. Ring supplier The Ring Lord has mild steel and stainless steel rings covered in a magnetite coating that supposedly do work as maille. I haven't got my order in yet so I can't say anything about this product.
    • tie/rebar wire seems to be a charcoal toned steel, coating is from production process, durability varies. Haven't used or seen this myself.

      Main editor - JB Brower


Pictures in this section thanks to Secrete Elf, Garfeimao, Kelldar and Rae

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